Spotlight on Vue DC Eyewear

style=”text-align: justify;”>Everybody enjoys a bit of nostalgia, which is why retro styles are often at the forefront of fashion. Vue DC eyewear has taken this trend to new heights with its line of “modern vintage” eyeglasses and sunglasses, which help you see “the future by reflecting the past.”

Founded by longtime friends Yoma, Christian and Frederic, Vue DC glasses are heavily influenced by the fashions of previous generations. The French designers have done plenty of research to create authentic vintage-inspired eyewear, the hard work of which is reflected in their flawless handmade frames for both men and women.
Vue DC Lea M369 Eyeglasses Vue DC eyeglasses may be fashioned after older looks, but you can’t deny that they are pretty funky. The Vue DC LEA for women is a full acetate frame that comes in red/white (above), black, white/black and clear. Cat-eye glasses are a great ode to retro fashion and look best on diamond and base-down triangle-shaped faces.

Vue DC P50 C. 173 Eyeglasses The Vue DC P50 model is a unisex style with round frames that pay tribute to the past while being playful with a fun, new pattern. Available in the above black/clear style, as well as tortoiseshell, clear red, yellow, white and brown, there are plenty of colors to choose from to suit your personal look.

Vue DC Ron 325 Eyeglasses For the man who is not afraid to be bold, Vue DC RON frames make an important fashion statement. Certainly not for the timid, those who choose this model in tortoiseshell, black, brown, red or clear brown will be the most prominent and stylish among the crowd.

Vue DC sunglasses are a fantastic selection as well. The above cat-eye and round styles are just some more of what the designers have envisioned for their signature modern vintage look. In the left hand column are two shades of the popular Vue DC SLY, along with the Vue DC CAT (top right) and Vue DC STA.

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