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Vintage Eyewear in Our Modern World


You may be noticing the upward trend in vintage eyewear.  It has been on the rise for years now. In a world that is so driven by technology, automation, and the depersonalization of so many areas of our lives, to me, it is refreshing and even comforting to see vintage eyewear become so fashionable.  I do not think I could pull off a pair of Google Smart Glasses (amazing as they are).

In the beginning of this trend, some people were worried to see the revival of such vintage styles. In some people’s faces, you could see the years flash back past them as they relived the jokes and teasing they received during their awkward youth.  It is in the opinion of some that the relevant styles of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s (and 80’s for that matter) were the very catalyst to one’s overall perception of themselves and the way they were viewed by others.   The great news is that in today’s modern world these vintage eyeglass styles are sought after by all ages and are no longer viewed as an article that stereotypes a person. “Geek glasses” have turned “Chic”, and Cat Eye glasses once stereotypical of the sheepishly shy yet stern librarian, has now turned sexy.Etnia Vintage Collection Florentin Eyeglass Frames

Although it would be sentimental to go back and rummage through our parents and grandparents trunks in search for such such vintage gems, there is no need to. One of my favorite Fashion Eyewear Brands Etnia Barcelona has created a Vintage Line of eyewear that accurately recreates all the greatest Vintage looks with color and frame shape. Etnia Barcelona has modernized vintage eyeglasses and sunglasses by incorporating true to the era color combinations of tortoise, with their own reputable colors that are featured throughout their original line of eyewear.  The Etnia Barcelona colors, although known to be bright are brilliantly added to their Vintage line as accents or splashes of color that really set this line apart from all the others.  

Etnia Malasana Sun

Etnia’s Vintage line has been inspired by seven historic neighborhoods (Malasaña – Madrid, Shoreditch – London, Kreuzberg – Berlin, Mission District – S.F. Williamsburg & Montauk – New York, Fitzroy – Melbourne, Florentin – Tel Aviv).  Each of theses neighborhoods are well known for a certain style, vibe, and culture that to this day is still present.  I love that Etnia is celebrating these neighborhoods, cultures and arts by perfectly blending classic style with modern visions without compromise.

The acetate frames are made of cotton fibers which are skillfully manufactured in Italy. The sunglass lenses that are used in Etnia’s VintaEtnia Mission Clip-On Sunglassesge  frames are mineral lenses.  Mineral lenses emerged in the 1970’s from manufactures in Barberini, Italy. These lenses are also available in clip-on options for select Vintage optical styles.

For more information about Etnia’s Vintage Eyewear Collection visit their online Lookbookand Vizio Optic’s website for Etnia Vintage Eyeglasses and Etnia Vintage Sunglasses


Bravo Etnia!  Thank you for your fashionable Vintage line that is fun and easy to wear in a modern world growing faster and faster into a futuristic world much like that of the “Jetsons”.


Erin Stiles,


Vizio Optic

Introducing: Lunor

We are so excited to introduce Lunor into the Vizio Optic family. Founded in 1991, Lunor has always strived to be a unique brand. The name Lunor came from the French “Lunette d’Or”, or golden spectacles. This name is a result of Lunor’s first collection of eyeglasses, which were made out of gold.


Founder Gernot Lindner was motivated by his collection of antique eyeglasses and cases. Some of his most popular acetate frames get their inspiration from the 1930’s and 1960’s, some of his designs even get their inspiration from the 18th and 19th century! The modern twist is that they are now made from acetate but have the original retro design.

Did you know that each pair of Lunor frames goes through up to 200 steps to create the perfect frame? The many years Lunor has spent working closely with manufacturers in southern Germany, as well as the abandonment of mass production, gives strength to the designs and ensures quality products.

Lunor eyeglasses are all made with the utmost care and specificity, down to the hinges, which are hand crafted piece by piece from a metal rod and functional rivets providing durability and style.


lunor 2


Our gorgeous Lunor frame selection contains so many well-made, stylish, and distinct frames that are a must-see!

All images from http://lunor.com/en/kollektion.html.