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Annette Benning Wears Robert Marc 576 Sunglasses

 If you have seen the movie The Woman, you will see Annette Benning wearing Robert Marc Style 576 Sunglasses. Annette Benning plays the role of a fashion magazine editor and these Robert Marc Sunglasses are very stylish on her. The Robert Marc Style 576 Sunglasses that she wears have mocha colored frames on the exterior. New York City fashion fans in the movie view Annette Benning as a stylish woman, so her reputation indicates that the glasses appear very trendy and popular and appeal to many people interested in fashion. If you like how these Robert Marc sunglasses look on Annette Benning in The Woman then come by and try them out!

Robert Marc 576 Sunglasses

In Spotlight: Robert Marc Eyewear

In the world of designer eyewear, the name that comes to mind time and time again is Robert Marc eyewear. Robert Marc’s years of expertise and design knowledge led him to create one of the world’s finest brand’s of designer eyewear. Robert Marc’s designs can be found on every one from high profile celebrities to people who just know what they want and where to find it.
Robert Marc Sunglasses
As an optician in a upscale Manhatten eyewear boutique he learned the importance of how the angle or a curve on a frame could enhance the look of a face. He took this knowledge and created his own line of designer eyewear by use of hand crafted technique. Robert Marc opened his first eyewear boutique over 20 years ago and it did not take long for him to establish himself as a forerunner in designer eyewear. Since the very beginning he has bolstered his reputation with consistent designs, attention to detail and uncompromising service. It has always been his desire to provide each customer with the perfect frame that looked like it was designed especially for them. The Robert Marc signature collection was introduced in 1999 and it was the beginning of eyewear’s rise from necessity to personal statement.
Robert Marc Eyeglasses
Each pair of eyewear Robert Marc creates carries his signature hinge that matches the elegance of each frame while adding suburb quality to his craftsmanship. The vast array of colors and styles in both optical as well as sun eyewear will give even the quirkiest or most serious of buyers something they can feel confident wearing. The unmistakable design and character of Robert Marc frames comes in part from his distinctive technique of layering contrasting colors and patterns which brings forth a uniqueness and sophistication not found in other designer eyewear. The frames themselves are always constructed of the highest quality materials, such as Titanium or an Italian Acetate known as Zyl. From time to time special collections will be created in small quantities, such exclusive offerings are crafted with special materials that convey rarity and sumptuousness.

With nine boutiques in the New York and Boston area desire for this impeccable frame is obvious, but the point of acquisition doesn’t stop there, they can also be found at exclusive dealers in many areas of the world including Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The Robert Marc Collection of eyewear is synonymous with elegance, sophistication, quality, and unrivaled design.