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Prescription Sunglasses: See and Be Seen

People love getting Prescription Sunglasses because they don’t have to choose between being able to see well and read a book on the beach and wearing a regular pair of sunglasses to protect the eyes from the dangerous ultra-violet sun rays (but without seeing well as they don’t have your Rx lens in them).  But with Prescription Sunglasses you can get sports or designer sunglasses look for an individualistic appeal into which we or your optician can put prescription lenses.  And the UV coating on the prescription sunglass lenses are an absolute necessity to protect your eyes from the dangerous ultra-violet rays.

Some of our customers ask about a slightly less desirable choice – the sunglass clip-ons that get clipped on top of your regular Rx prescription glasses. But do you really want to walk around with these two sets of lenses or worry about losing the clip-on when you misplace it?  So prescription sunglasses make all this a non-issue for the glasses wearer, who would otherwise have to settle for a combo of non-prescription sunglasses and contact lenses or the fashion limitations of the aforementioned clip-on lenses.

Whether you wear reading glasses and you dream of flipping through a magazine on the beach or by the pool or you’re a full-time glasses wearer who wants UV protection, you may want to look into getting prescription sunglasses that will help you do both.

An incredible variety of sunglasses can be made with prescription in them – including bifocal and progressive lenses. And it’s even possible to find wraparound styles in certain prescriptions. Polarized prescription sunglasses are yet another option and Maui Jim and Oakley as well as Ray Ban make excellent Rx sunglasses.  We prefer having prescriptions in your sunglasses over clip-ons.  But what do you prefer?