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The Secret of a Modern Classic: Mykita Collection No.1

There’s nothing like the classics, right? We love the way Mykita has branched out since it was founded in 2003, but we’ll admit that we find ourselves coming back to the Mykita Collection No.1 again and again. The brand’s inaugural collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses (unveiled at the Silmo international eyewear fair in the fall of 2004) was based on their patented snap hinge design, but what attracted the world’s attention was the look.

And you have to admit that the eyeglasses in the Mykita Collection No.1 were and still are pretty hot. That unique Collection No.1 silhouette is a product of the firm’s design genius and the manufacturing process itself – super skinny stainless steel sheets are precision cut, which means sleek ultra slim rims and temples that can be as slight or as substantial as you want them to be without sacrificing lightness.

Here are two of our favorite frames from the Mykita Collection No.1:
MYKITA Nigel eyeglassesMykita’s Nigel is understated, with refined good looks, and easily adapt to subtle differences in facial features. They look amazing in brown, one of the ten frame colors available in this collection.
MYKITA Francis eyeglasses
And we also love Francis, a sophisticated and professional pair of frames perfect for a medium or large face. They look especially awesome in blackberry.

Do you have a favorite frame from the Mykita Collection No.1? Or are you more of a Collection No. 2 person?