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How Do You Make the Best Glasses In the World Better?

Let’s say you’ve designed one of the best screwless hinges in the world and you have two amazing designer glasses collections under your belt – where do you go from there? If you’re Mykita, you take your amazing award-winning design and you shrink and simplify it. You might think that Mykita eyeglasses couldn’t possibly get any better after their No. 1 and No. 2 collections, but you’d only think that until you saw the Mykita Lite Collection!

The Mykita Lite Collection takes an already sweet hinge and makes it even better with a minimalist three-piece design that never needs tightening and is extremely adjustable. We’d love to know how they manage to introduce so much style into such a simple and unassuming package. Seriously, these designer frames are extremely lightweight so you feel like you’re not wearing glasses at all, but they still look out of this world.
MYKITA Finn eyeglassesCheck out the Mykita Finn, with its elegant shape paired with low-key cutout accents that add a touch of the distinctive.

MYKITA Bjorn eyeglasses And we also love the Mykita Bjorn for its classic silhouette and slick professional style.

Nine more ultra-slim styles, including the Boss, the Britt, the Frida, and the Lasse, make up the Mykita Lite Collection, which comes in a great selection of bold colors, ranging from blackberry and graphite to silver and gold. If you’re devotee of lightweight frames, we can’t recommend the Mykita Lite Collection more highly. But don’t take our word for it. Have you checked out the Mykita Lite Collection? What did you think?