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Meet Frank, Edwin and Charly – Our Favorite Frame of the Day Choices from MYKITA Plastic Eyeglass Frames

We just thought to share some of our favorite plastic MYKITA frames.  What great frames!  These MYKITA eyeglass frames include Frank, Edwin, and Charly.  Here are some photos that we thought you may enjoy:

Meet MYKITA Frank:

MYKITA Edwin C. 602 Eyeglasses And we introduce you to MYKITA Charly:
MYKITA Charly C. 904 Please feel free to stop by at any time at Vizio Optic at our store in Brookline Village to try on these frames and to look at the rest of our MYKITA eyewear collection.

How Do You Make the Best Glasses In the World Better?

Let’s say you’ve designed one of the best screwless hinges in the world and you have two amazing designer glasses collections under your belt – where do you go from there? If you’re Mykita, you take your amazing award-winning design and you shrink and simplify it. You might think that Mykita eyeglasses couldn’t possibly get any better after their No. 1 and No. 2 collections, but you’d only think that until you saw the Mykita Lite Collection!

The Mykita Lite Collection takes an already sweet hinge and makes it even better with a minimalist three-piece design that never needs tightening and is extremely adjustable. We’d love to know how they manage to introduce so much style into such a simple and unassuming package. Seriously, these designer frames are extremely lightweight so you feel like you’re not wearing glasses at all, but they still look out of this world.
MYKITA Finn eyeglassesCheck out the Mykita Finn, with its elegant shape paired with low-key cutout accents that add a touch of the distinctive.

MYKITA Bjorn eyeglasses And we also love the Mykita Bjorn for its classic silhouette and slick professional style.

Nine more ultra-slim styles, including the Boss, the Britt, the Frida, and the Lasse, make up the Mykita Lite Collection, which comes in a great selection of bold colors, ranging from blackberry and graphite to silver and gold. If you’re devotee of lightweight frames, we can’t recommend the Mykita Lite Collection more highly. But don’t take our word for it. Have you checked out the Mykita Lite Collection? What did you think?

How Mykita Became Even More Flexible

They say don’t mess with success, but we’re glad Mykita did! After the fantastic reception the brand received for their No. 1 and No. 1 Sun collections, you ‘d think their designers would have taken a break to enjoy their accomplishments. But no, two years after their Silmo debut, Mykita was back with their gorgeous  Mykita No.2 Collection.

Instead of precision cut surgical-grade stainless steel, the Mykita No.2 Collection features eyeglass frames in full-bodied cellulose acetate in translucent colors inspired by precious gems along with classic colors like tortoiseshell. What didn’t change was the brand’s penchant for technological innovation. We think it’s amazing…To work their patented screwless hinge into these designer glasses, Mykita had to design an entirely new way of bonding the flexible hinge to the acetate frame!

And how can you not love the result?
MYKITA Helmut eyeglasses
The Mykita Helmut in tortoiseshell is a classically conservative frame with refined good looks – perfect if you love all things traditional.
MYKITA Barbara eyeglasses
And the Mykita Barbara in amethyst is one of the funkier frames in the MYKITA No.2 Collection, with a Buddy Holly-ish feel that makes an immediate impression. Remember, purple is in right now.

Twelve more prescription styles round out the Mykita No.2 Collection, which ranges from bold styles in fashion colors to subdued and sophisticated choices, and we adore them all. It’s not often we can say that!

We’d love to know which frames from this designer collection you love best – are you more of a Helmut or a Barbara?

The Secret of a Modern Classic: Mykita Collection No.1

There’s nothing like the classics, right? We love the way Mykita has branched out since it was founded in 2003, but we’ll admit that we find ourselves coming back to the Mykita Collection No.1 again and again. The brand’s inaugural collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses (unveiled at the Silmo international eyewear fair in the fall of 2004) was based on their patented snap hinge design, but what attracted the world’s attention was the look.

And you have to admit that the eyeglasses in the Mykita Collection No.1 were and still are pretty hot. That unique Collection No.1 silhouette is a product of the firm’s design genius and the manufacturing process itself – super skinny stainless steel sheets are precision cut, which means sleek ultra slim rims and temples that can be as slight or as substantial as you want them to be without sacrificing lightness.

Here are two of our favorite frames from the Mykita Collection No.1:
MYKITA Nigel eyeglassesMykita’s Nigel is understated, with refined good looks, and easily adapt to subtle differences in facial features. They look amazing in brown, one of the ten frame colors available in this collection.
MYKITA Francis eyeglasses
And we also love Francis, a sophisticated and professional pair of frames perfect for a medium or large face. They look especially awesome in blackberry.

Do you have a favorite frame from the Mykita Collection No.1? Or are you more of a Collection No. 2 person?

The High-Tech MYKITA Screw-Less Hinge: Strength in Simplicity

If you think there’s nowhere left to go in the world of eyewear innovation, the German design experts behind the pioneering MYKITA Eyewear hinge would beg to differ.Traditional screw construction?That’s a thing of the past.

MYKITA (founded in 2004 by Philipp Haffmans and HaraldGottschling) replaced soldering and screws (that have traditionally been the weakest link in eyeglasses) with a unique snap-hinge forgedfrom top-quality stainless steel.The hinge, as seen
below, is completely screw-less!

This MYKITA hinge is a technical marvel. Every piece of the frame is cut from sheet metal a mere0.5 mm thick, which results in ultra-light, featherweight glasses that feel like wearing nothing at all. And when you have no screws then it’s even lighter!

The hinge itself is created using a system of carefully calculated folds – no screws means that the signature MYKITA hinge requires virtually no maintenance. There’s nothing that can loosen… nothing you can lose. Add to that the fact that the MYKITA hinge can easily be described as a heretofore unheard of pinnacle of frame resilience, and it’s immediately obvious why MYKITA eyewear is making screws in eyeglasses utterly redundant.Haffmans and Gottschling’s original, modern design proves beyond a doubt there’s strength in simplicity.

The best part? The MYKITA screw-less hinge allows for total frame flexibility and a true customized fit for any facial proportions. That means that whatever MYKITA style you choose, your glasses will look like they were made just for you.