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Celebrity Sightings: Lady Gaga wears CHANEL Sunglasses in Her Video Telephone

In her music video “Telephone,” Lady Gaga was seen wearing CHANEL sunglasses. If one wants to know how Lady Gaga achieves her brilliant and unique style, wearing CHANEL sunglasses serves as evidence that this entertainer has style as wearing anything by CHANEL ensures that one always achieves style that is brilliant, chic, and sophisticated. Lady Gaga wears CHANEL sunglasses outside of her music videos as well.

Besides the Lady Gaga CHANEL Sunglasses, there are frequent celebrity sightings in CHANEL sunglasses, because celebrities understand the impact of these sunglasses upon one’s own style. These sunglasses can make any outfit look instantly more stunning, whether one is wearing a full-on costume like Lady Gaga or one is wearing skinny jeans and a tee. Lady Gaga wears CHANEL sunglasses as a way to enhance the sophisticated quality of her costumes in her music videos and outside of music videos. Other celebrity sightings in CHANEL sunglasses feature celebs simply wearing these sunglasses to the grocery store or while out shopping in the city or to the beach –  frankly these can be worn anywhere and will always look good. If a woman wants a more polished look that will make everyone around her envious, then these sunglasses truly are the way to go.