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Frame of the Week: ic! berlin Nameless 2012 Sunglasses

ic! berlin nameless 2012 sunglasses

After a sweltering weekend in the city, we thought it was about time we showed you some awesome designer sunglasses in our Frame of the Week series. For serious protection with a whole lot of style, we look to ic! berlin this week.

Our frame stylist Alex is wearing a pair of ic! berlin Nameless 2012 sunglasses in Piano Rough. This is a combination frame, meaning it’s made up of multiple materials for a cool look. The front rims feature a subtle dark brown pattern with a rectangular silhouette, accented with a strip of white around the edges. Its arms are attached via a screw-less hinge, using interlocking pieces for a super flexible and resilient pair of shades that you don’t have to worry about loosening or falling apart. The arms are constructed with titanium, which gives this frame its ultra light weight feel as well.


Nameless 2012 is also available in plain black, smokey grey with a matte marbled design and graphite arms, and brown with green accents and coffee-colored titanium.

Did you know we have a huge new selection of ic! berlin eyewear available on our website? We just added a ton of new styles of eyeglasses and sunglasses for men, women, and kids. Many of the children’s frames were actually designed by children themselves! Check them out and let us know what catches your eye.

Frame(s) of the Week: Robert Marc 206 and Woow Come On 3 Eyeglasses

Robert Marc 206sm c.135 eyeglasses and Woow Come On 3 c.2039 eyeglasses

Designer eyeglasses are like dessert. When there’s so many options in front of you, you can’t pick just one! Have a little taste of everything to satisfy your cravings – just like we’re doing this week. Instead of picking one frame, we decided to go with the two that this wonderful couple recently chose.

Robert Marc 206sm c.135 eyeglasses

Above, our friend Serge wears Robert Marc 206sm eyeglasses in color 135. The “sm” indicates that it comes in a smaller size, an important design feature that many other labels don’t have. The light brown shade, known as Ashwood, looks great on him, and the rectangular silhouette flatters his face shape wonderfully.

Woow Come On 3 c.2039 eyeglasses

Tanja is wearing a style from the newest name to join our lineup of wonderful designers, Woow Come on 3 eyeglasses in color 2039. If you haven’t heard, Woow comes from the creators of Face a Face, and features little messages of encouragement known only to the wearer, as they sit on the inner surface of the ear tips. Tanja’s frame is a beautiful, modern cat-eye shape with oval lenses and a glossy plastic frame, a flattering brown in the center with complementary navy on its pointed corners. We love the color combo here, it’s a very subtle way to step out of neutral territory without completely leaving your comfort zone.

Check out our selection of Woow eyewear on our website and see some of the encouraging messages and bright designs for yourself!

Frame of the Week: CHANEL 3234 Eyeglasses

Chanel 3234 c 714 eyeglasses

What’s a day at Vizio Optic without some CHANEL glasses to fawn over? We don’t even want to think about it. And neither does our friend Jorie, who recently went home with a stylish pair of specs from the French fashion house, one that totally complements her features and is a perfect expression of her personality.

Chanel 3234 c 714 eyeglasses

Jorie is wearing CHANEL 3234 eyeglasses in color 714 (Havana – also available in black and red). The “oversized” look is definitely in again this season, and the large rectangular frame of the 3234 is a great choice. We love how the brown complements her blonde hair – which is awesomely styled, by the way. Despite the large lenses, the thin acetate rims help keep the look from being too overwhelming. Embellishing the arm with its instantly recognizable logo, each temple is inlaid with a metallic CC.

Did you know we carry the full selection of CHANEL glasses and sunglasses? As an authorized retailer, we are not permitted to sell CHANEL eyewear online. However, we have access to all styles and are able to assist you with your purchase via phone. Please feel free to browse the brand’s website for styles that you like, and give us a call at 866-411-9428 for more information on how to get your favorite frames in your arsenal of fab accessories ASAP!

Frame of the Week: Beausoleil 274 Eyeglasses

Nancy in Beausoleil 274 c.726 eyeglasses

Another week, another new beginning. It’s a beautiful spring day in Brookline, and here at Vizio Optic we like to think of our friends getting new designer glasses as a sort of rebirth – a brand new way for them to express their style and personality. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the season, isn’t it?

Beausoleil 274 c.726 eyeglasses

Above, our friend Nancy (pictured with our frame stylist, Alex) is wearing a pair of Beausoleil 274 eyeglasses in color 726. The oval lenses are surrounded by transparent, cream-colored rims on the bottom, while the flared brow features a beautiful striped brown pattern. Silver accents embellish each flared corner as well as the matching arms. This is one of our favorite pairs of Beausoleil eyeglasses – the look is quite different but stil subtle with its neutral coloring. We love that even though it’s a full frame, the bottom half gives the illusion of semi-rimless style.

For more information on how to purchase this frame, please email sales@viziooptic.com or call 866-41109428. Want to check out similar styles? Try out the following:

Beausoleil 270 eyeglasses in Grey Split, Beausoleil 275 eyeglasses in Brown Split, or if you’d like some sunglasses with the same half-patterned style, try out Beausoleil S285 sunglasses.

Frame of the Week: CHANEL 3228Q Eyeglasses

Chanel 3228Q c.501 eyeglasses

This installment of Frame of the Week is in celebration of spring, with the warm weather finally in our grasp and the blossoming trees in our sights. For us, CHANEL often signifies spring, not only because of our annual fitting event to kick off the season, but because of its light and elegant designs that are a perfect addition to every girl’s collection.

CHANEL 3228Q c.501 eyeglasses

Above, our very own Emetisse wears her new CHANEL 3228Q eyeglasses in color 501, a gorgeous glossy black complemented by cream-colored arms. This style is made with real lambskin leather on the arms featuring the French fashion house’s signature quilted look. Yes – the same buttery soft material that you’ll find on the classic flap handbags – that’s what makes this frame so luxurious! That, and you have the instantly recognizable CC logo in black inlaid on a silver hinge, making these designer eyeglasses the perfect style for those who want everyone to know about their love of fashion, but in an understated way.

The 3228Q style of acetate glasses is also available in all black, all brown, tan with brown arms, and tortoise with chocolate arms. If you prefer the brand’s other popular looks over the leather, there are also similar frames available with tweed arms, such as CHANEL 3245, which comes in tortoise, gray, blue, red, and black.

Did you know that we have access to the full collection of CHANEL eyewear and sunwear? We are proud to be an authorized CHANEL retailer, which means that we cannot sell its frames through our website. However, we are still committed to providing you with the most positive shopping experience, and will assist you with your CHANEL purchase via phone. If you are interested in the above frame or any other, please call us at 866-411-9428!

Frame of the Week: Persol 3017S Sunglasses

Persol 3017s sunglasses

Who: Lee Rachel Jurman

Wear: Persol 3017S sunglasses in color 945/32

Persol 3017S sunglasses c.945/32

Why: These Persol sunglasses are so flattering on Lee Rachel! The flared tips bring width to the upper half of her face, while the rounded, teardrop-shaped lenses are a nice complement to her angular features, especially because they fit so well beneath her brows and aren’t overwhelmingly large.

This frame is light gray with very subtle detail in the plastic rim. Persol’s famous arrow motif is seen on the sides in silver, making these shades an instantly recognizable and luxurious accessory. Those two silver lines on each temple are the patented Meflecto hinge, a patented design that alleviates pressure on your head that the arms of sunglasses and glasses may cause. Persol shades aim to provide the utmost style and comfort.

And just wait til Lee Rachel heads outside! The translucent color of the 3017S will become illuminated in the sunlight, emphasizing the cool smokey tone of its frame. We also love how she went for a color that’s not always so typical of peoples’ designer sunglasses choice. Many view these frames like a classic handbag and go for black, brown, or tortoise shades – but this gray is a nice alternative that’s still neutral and quite timeless as well.

Get a pair of Persol 3017S sunglasses for yourself here.

Frame of the Week: Robert Marc 265 Eyeglasses

Robert Marc eyeglasses

Last week our friend Ellen left Vizio Optic with a big smile on her face thanks to her new pair of tortoise glasses. Each designer has their own interpretation of what this classic pattern looks like and in a variety of colors as well, but she knew exactly what she was looking for and we didn’t stop until we found it!

Robert Marc 265 c.146 eyeglasses

Ellen is wearing Robert Marc 265 eyeglasses in color 146, Spotted Tortoise, her ideal tortoiseshell look. We love the flared corners of the brow and how the oval lenses provide balance by adding some curves to her angular features. The shade is also very flattering on her fair skin and blonde hair, don’t you think? This style also features a silver dot accent on each temple as well as the matching signature hinge, letting everyone know in an instant that you’re wearing a chic Robert Marc frame.

Robert Marc 265 glasses are also available in Tortoise/Raspberry, Mocha/Avocado, Night Sky, Canyon Sunrise, and Mocha/Aqua. Would you like to purchase this frame? You can do so by calling us at 866-411-9428 or sending us an email.

Love your new designer glasses from Vizio Optic? Send us a photo of yourself here in your new specs to be featured on Frame of the Week!

Photo: Instagram @ellendiamond

Frame of the Week: Etnia Praha eyeglasses

We’ve been focusing a lot on women’s eyewear lately, but now it’s time for the guys to shine! This week, our special Frame of the Week is from Barcelona, with vintage details and modern technology weaved seamlessly into a flattering accessory.

Etnia Praha eyeglasses

Who: Alex and our friend Terry Mahoney

Etnia Praha eyeglasses

WearEtnia Praha eyeglasses

Why: As we always say, it’s all about balance. This frame works for them because those with strong jaw lines benefit from adding curves, as do those with sharp facial features, thus the round silhouette of Praha is the perfect choice to create harmony in their appearance. The arms on this frame make it top-heavy, which flatters triangular faces by drawing attention to the upper half, evening out its shape.

Look closely. Could you tell that these Etnia Praha glasses were two toned? The unique pattern combination is very subtle and is playful without straying from a professional appearance. The super-small black stripes are complemented by the Havana tortoise pattern on top, lightening the frame just a bit.

We love the round silhouette, which is a major trend this season, paired with the keyhole bridge, particularly because these retro aspects are paired so beautifully with the latest in eyewear technology and creative design. Etnia’s penchant for cool color and pattern combos means that there’s something for everyone out there, whether you want to enjoy a bit of playfulness without sacrificing sophistication, or if you want to fully embrace your artsy side with multi-colored checkers and stripes.

Get yours here.

Check out the latest Etnia eyeglasses available on our website and let us know which one makes the cut for your Frame of the Week.

Frame of the Week: CHANEL 3236Q Eyeglasses

A happy customer is our favorite kind of customer. Alice left Vizio Optic last week looking fabulous in her new CHANEL eyeglasses, with oval lenses perfectly complementing her angular face shape. The dark color is a nice contrast to her fair skin and blonde hair as well. This is the kind of look we help you achieve – one that flatters your features and embodies your personal style.

Chanel eyeglasses

Alice is wearing CHANEL 3236Q eyeglasses in navy blue. This frame features quilted leather on the temple embellished with a small silver CC logo, the signature CHANEL look. It is also available in light tortoise, dark tortoise, brown, and black. Navy is the perfect choice for her, sometimes black can be a little harsh on some skin tones, and the navy is just dark enough to achieve the same look without too much contrast. It’s all about finding the right balance.

CHANEL 3236Q eyeglasses

CHANEL 3236Q eyeglasses

The oval lenses are perfect for square, rectangular, and other face shapes with sharp angles, as the soft curves of the frame help harmonize your look.

Visit the CHANEL website for more photos of the different available colors. For more information on how to purchase a pair of CHANEL glasses from Vizio Optic, please call 866-411-9428 or email sales@viziooptic.com.