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Do I Really Need All That?

If it is has been a few years since you last purchased a new pair of glasses and it’s time for a new pair, it can be a little overwhelming.  First and foremost your new frame has to look great and be made of high quality acetate or titanium (especially if you intend to wear your glasses for more than two years). Vizio Optic can certainly help you find your new favorite frame.  In store or online we are able to fit you with the perfect pair.

Once you have chosen your new favorite pair of glasses you must now focus on your prescription lenses.  It is very common and understandable that having spent a considerable amount of money on a new frame to ask “do I really need all that” for my prescription lenses? You may feel that all the little extras are not really necessary and may opt out of choosing certain lens treatments without realizing what you are missing. Here are the top two key lens treatments available and the benefits of each.

Anti Reflective Treatment (AR).  This treatment reduces glare from outside light sources and is helpful for extended computer use and night driving.  AR also allows those looking at you to see your eyes instead of balls of dancing light in your lenses. Premium AR treatments have evolved to include anti-scratch, and additional UV protection all in one.  I wear my glasses full time and for me, I must have it and strongly recommend it to all eyeglass wearers.

I reRobin Wright glasses in House of Cardsalize that some may fear getting stuck with an older AR treatment that smudges and peels away over the years but fear not.  Premium AR treatments are embedded into the lens and can not peel off.  They are also easier to keep clean being hydro and oleophobic.

As an Optician, it also is a tiny pet-peeve of mine to see celebrities wearing amazing eyeglasses and not having AR on their lenses. When the spotlight hits and the camera flashes are flickering, it takes away from the overall look and I can’t see their eyes. Very distracting.  (See what I mean in the Robin Wright photo to the right?)

One of the premium AR treatments we recommend is CRIZAL No-Glare lenses

Transitions. Another treatment option that can be added to prescription lenses,  Transitions® adaptive lenses turn optical glasses into photochromic sunglasses with activation of UV light. The following information will help you decide if any of the three Transitions lens types are right for you:

Transitions Signature (clear lens will activate in UV light, but not behind the windshield of your car),

Transitions Vantage (clear lens that will turn into Polarized coverage with UV light exposure, does not work behind the car windshield ), and

Transitions XTRActive (clear lens that will activate in UV light including behind the windshield of your car).

I’m a sunglass girl, however, Transitions are a great option if you do not want to juggle multiple pairs of glasses but know that your eyes are being fully protected at all times. Children who wear glasses full time greatly benefit from Transitions.

It is always a good idea to ask your Optician questions about the prescription lens treatments available to you each time you update your eyeglass frames.  There are always new and improved treatments that are worth consideration for your new prescription lenses. After all, if you are making an investment in a beautiful handcrafted frame, your lenses should be just as shiny and your vision should not be compromised.  


Erin Stiles

Licensed Optician, Vizio Optic