Frame(s) of the Week: Robert Marc 206 and Woow Come On 3 Eyeglasses

Robert Marc 206sm c.135 eyeglasses and Woow Come On 3 c.2039 eyeglasses

Designer eyeglasses are like dessert. When there’s so many options in front of you, you can’t pick just one! Have a little taste of everything to satisfy your cravings – just like we’re doing this week. Instead of picking one frame, we decided to go with the two that this wonderful couple recently chose.

Robert Marc 206sm c.135 eyeglasses

Above, our friend Serge wears Robert Marc 206sm eyeglasses in color 135. The “sm” indicates that it comes in a smaller size, an important design feature that many other labels don’t have. The light brown shade, known as Ashwood, looks great on him, and the rectangular silhouette flatters his face shape wonderfully.

Woow Come On 3 c.2039 eyeglasses

Tanja is wearing a style from the newest name to join our lineup of wonderful designers, Woow Come on 3 eyeglasses in color 2039. If you haven’t heard, Woow comes from the creators of Face a Face, and features little messages of encouragement known only to the wearer, as they sit on the inner surface of the ear tips. Tanja’s frame is a beautiful, modern cat-eye shape with oval lenses and a glossy plastic frame, a flattering brown in the center with complementary navy on its pointed corners. We love the color combo here, it’s a very subtle way to step out of neutral territory without completely leaving your comfort zone.

Check out our selection of Woow eyewear on our website and see some of the encouraging messages and bright designs for yourself!

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