The best rimless eyeglasses for 2012

Rimless glasses are one of our favorite types of frames here at Vizio. They are perfect for those who don’t want a huge change in their appearance, and also for people who want the freedom to totally customize their very own pair of designer eyeglasses. Our top two brands for these frames are LINDBERG eyewear and Eyephorics 2.5 Rimless glasses.

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 2083 glasses are very popular with men. They are sleek and sophisticated, with rectangular lenses that are attached to lightweight titanium arm pieces. The temples are screwed directly into the lens, rather than into a rim, so lenses can be as large or small as you like. LINDBERG also allows wearers to select from over 150 colors, patterns and styles for their eyeglasses.

For the ladies, LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 3015 glasses are a hit. The beautiful red arms are a stunning color that are not too bold. The curved rectangular lenses look great on those with pronounced angles in their facial features.

Eyephorics 2.5 Rimless eyewear is another great lightweight option – each frame weighs about 2.5 grams, which feels as light as a feather on your face. This eliminates any pressure around the head or on the nose. This brand also allows plenty of personalization, giving you the creative reign over the pair you will be wearing on a daily basis. Above is a great example of just how many aspects Eyephorics hands over to the wearer to customize.

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