Hate Your Glasses? Then Try the Rimless Eyeglass Frames

Buying glasses means choosing frames, and for us, that’s the best part of wearing glasses (and that’s why we never wear contact lenses!) But for some, having to wear eyeglass frames is a nightmare. Some people can’t stand how they look with metal or plastic frames and opt out for contact lenses and yet they still earn to wear glasses because deep inside they want the eyeglass look or perhaps simply don’t really like contact lenses in the first place.

When we meet our customers who dislike glasses, our first suggestion is that they try on a pair of rimless glasses like the Lindberg Spirit Titanium.  In fact, this is a timely blog post for us because we are having our annual Lindberg Eyewear Trunk Show at our store in Brookline, MA this upcoming Saturday on October 2 and you are certainly invited! But back to rimless eyeglasses.

Rimless eyeglass frames are practically invisible, which means that there’s nothing to come between your eyes and the world. There is nothing to obstruct your vision or to go out of style. Rimless frames will look great on you and stay comfortable to wear until you feel like it’s time for a new pair of glasses. Rimless eyewear also gives you a very sophisticated and high-end executive image but you can also combine them with some colorful yet elegant side arms to show off a dash of style.

We love Lindberg rimless glasses especially because they are the lightest rimless frames in the world at a tiny 2.8 grams and they’re amazingly flexible (with their awesome screwless hinge), but there are lots of designers that have rimless frame options. No matter who you are, there is probably a pair of rimless glasses out there that will make you feel fabulous and convince you that wearing glasses can be great.

There are amazing rimless frames for women:

Lindberg rimless glasses for women
Or for men:

Lindberg rimless glasses for men

Have you tried on a pair of rimless glasses from Lindberg or another designer? What did you think?

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