What Glasses Does Mary McDonnell Wear on Major Crimes?

Fun fact: Mary McDonnell, star of TNT’s Major Crimes TV show, wears a pair of designer glasses you can find right here at Vizio Optic! Her role as LAPD Captain Sharon Raydor requires a strong and intelligent look, so they dressed her up in a flattering suit and finished the look with a pair executive-style glasses. By request, we did a little research and determined she’s wearing ProDesign 1687 eyeglasses in Havana! Check out this photo at majorcrimestv.net for a better look.

prodesign 1687 eyeglasses

Seen above in black, these ProDesign glasses are clearly a great choice for a woman in a powerful role. The rectangular lenses and dark frame add a sense of strength and structure, while laser-cut temples in champagne gold soften the overall look for good balance.


The 1687 is also available in green, with a brown-and-green acetate front rim and olive-colored arms. As we’ve mentioned before, ProDesign is one of the only brands out there that offer optional, adjustable nose pads with plastic frames, so if you love this particular style but are worried about them staying on well, let us know whether you’d like to add the nose pads to the frame when you order.

Are there any other television characters out there whose eyewear you admire? Let us know in the comments and we’ll try to find out what they’re wearing!

2 thoughts on “What Glasses Does Mary McDonnell Wear on Major Crimes?

  1. Patty Poston

    I always wanted to know what brand of designer sunglasses “Brenda” from The Closer wore.
    My eyes are very light sensitive and I loved not only the frames but the fact that they were very dark tinted.

    Thank you for your research.

    Patty Poston


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