Support Sustainable Development With ProDesign Biodegradable Glasses

Prodesign biodegradable eyeglasses

These days, most companies are trying to find a way to go green in some aspect. Whether it’s going paperless, cleaning up manufacturing processes or other methods, we commend businesses on making their environmental impact a priority – and now, the concerns are moving into the eyewear industry. Last year, we showed you some great Studio FB eyeglasses that were made of 20 perecent wood fibers. This year, we are happy to bring you biodegradable eyeglasses from ProDesign Eyewear made of 80 percent cotton.

The Danish brand has turned their focus to sustainable development, creating new designer eyeglasses with biodegradable acetate material, their production requiring a gentle process. Comparing some frames to the beautiful and heavy wood of a cigar box, ProDesign explains its inspiration is drawn from “the desire to create a high fashion, stylish and intelligent look, designed for the urban, environmentally conscious female and male. [The natural look is] a trend that contains artsy, heavy retro shapes with depth and weight, but in a highly clean and classic way.”

Frames are available in light and dark earthy shades to create a “dynamic forest look.”

Prodesign biodegradable eyeglasses

Prodesign biodegradable glasses

Want to know more about ProDesign’s biodegradable eyewear collection? Feel free to leave us a comment below or email our team at We’re happy to answer your questions about this cool new line and hope you can spread the word! Sustainable development is important, and we want everyone to know what a wonderful idea ProDesign has come up with this year!

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