ProDesign Eyewear Unveils Axiom Collection

Some of the most well-made designer eyeglasses come from Denmark, including one of our favorites at Vizio Optic – ProDesign eyewear, a brand known for its clean lines and high quality. Axiom is the latest collection from the Danish company being touted for its “optimized simplicity.”

ProDesign Iris 5133 eyeglasses

Inspired by a bracelet seen in New York City, ProDesign Iris 5133 eyeglasses feature a cut-out 3D pattern on the temples. It took the designers quite a while to create exactly what they had envisioned for the feminine metal frames, finally settling on the semi-rimless eyeglasses style in two tones. The 5133 is available in brown/green, black/gold, green/purple, purple/gold (above), red/silver, and pink/purple.

ProDesign 6118 eyeglasses

ProDesign 6118 eyeglasses are a more casual style with an athletic appeal. These frames are made of super lightweight stainless steel, measuring as thin as 0.5mm for a weightless feel on your face, and also have a screw-less hinge design so you never have to worry about needing adjustments. There are four colors each for both men and women, including the above silver frame with the orange silicone strip.

ProDesign 6501 eyeglasses

The standout model in this ProDesign eyeglasses collection is the ProDesign 6501 eyeglass frames. The front gradient rims are made of a strong and durable material known as NXT, which is actually used for lenses. This gives the transparent colored frames an illuminated look. The screw-less hinge and temples are made of stainless steel, with a laser-cut pattern that gives a futuristic vibe. ProDesign 6501 glasses are available in light purple, dark purple, brown, white, gold, and violet.

To purchase a pair of ProDesign glasses from the Axiom collection, or for more information on color options, contact us at or give us a call at 866-411-9428.

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