Our Multicolored Friends From Prodesign Eyewear

We all have those days where we just want to be invisible, but many of us have moments where all we want to do is shine. Our favorite way to stand out in the crowd is with a bold pair of specs that doubles as a cool accessory and a great conversation piece. We hope you’ll love these Prodesign eyeglasses as much as we do. Today we were in the mood for blue and pink styles. And here they are!

Prodesign 4627 eyeglasses:

Prodesign 4628 C. 3022 Eyeglasses
These frames are modern and unique with their subtle geometric design, a trend that is very popular this season. Made of high-quality plastic, the material is transparent so that the colors can shine bright when light beams through them. Their narrow silhouette is great for those with round or oval faces, balancing facial features and bringing harmony to your entire look.

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