Color Your Summer With ProDesign ZENSE Eyeglasses

ProDesign eyeglasses - The ZENSE Collection

If there is one thing most people can note about the trends this season, it would be the ubiquitous bright colors. Seen all over the fashion industry, from clothing and accessories to makeup and more, you can’t go anywhere this summer without seeing vibrant hues at every turn. You can join in on the fun with the ZENSE collection from ProDesign eyewear, which blends aluminum, acetate, and titanium materials to create multi-textural frames that are just as vivid and stunning as the rest of your summer wardrobe!

ProDesign 7901 Eyeglasses

ProDesign eyeglasses in style 7901 are a great feminine look, with a structured rectangular silhouette that looks wonderfully flattering on those with softer facial features. The pink aluminum front stands out against the silver block hinge and brown outer surface of the arm piece. As you can see, the inner surface has a funky pattern that adds some action to these beautiful designer glasses.

ProDesign 7904 Eyeglasses

ProDesign 7904 eyeglasses look great on men, with its straight-top silhouette that has a masculine vibe. The blue aluminum front offers a sleek and industrial look that is surprisingly versatile, with a silver block hinge that connects to matching acetate arm pieces. Adjustable nose pads and curved ear tips allow for a comfortable fit.

ProDesign 7903 Eyeglasses

Lastly, these ProDesign glasses in style 7903 are the ultimate geek chic accessory. Rather than going retro with a pair of Wayfarer style chunky glasses, these frames (available in several other colors) have a more modern take on the popular nerd look. A unisex frame, the rectangular rims have rounded corners to flatter most faces. A subtle pattern lines the inner surface for an understated accent on this style.


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