Every day we should be working on ways to be true to ourselves, whether it’s honing a new skill, strengthening weaknesses or finding a way to express the real you. Many designer glasses give you a great opportunity to show others a piece of your personality. Some designers make art, not just frames; they make you feel a certain way, are crafted with so much care and help you understand a little more about the owner.

Alain Mikli 1120 eyeglasses

In this edition of Frame of the Week, we highlight Alain Mikli 1120 eyeglasses, a pair of specs that says so much with its colors and design. The butterfly-shaped frame is semi-rimless, with a strip of blue over one brow and purple along the other, teal extending down the sides of each lens. The vibrant hues stand out against our friend Diana’s dark brown hair, and its flared upper rims complement her features. Glasses make an important first impression, and it’s clear to us that she appreciates art and creativity just by her choice of frame.

Alain Mikli 1120 eyeglasses

This particular color is discontinued, but there are four others still available (we just had to show you this gorgeous photo of Diana). Each frame is handmade, some with patterned arms that are made multicolored by placing each square of color individually into the clear acetate mold. That takes a lot of work and patience, resulting in an expertly handcrafted frame that is completely unique.

Alain Mikli 1120 eyeglasses

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Lafont Eyewear Rendezvous collection

If you can believe it, we have even more exciting news to share with you this week. You must clear out your schedules for the evening of August 26th, when Thomas Lafont, the chief designer behind Lafont eyewear, will be our special guest at the annual Vizio Optic Lafont Trunk Show!

From 5-8pm, we’ll be debuting the French brand’s fall/winter 2013-2014 Rendezvous collection, giving you an exclusive look at brand new eyeglasses and sunglasses. This is a very special and rare event - Mr. Lafont will be here to personally style trunk show attendees along with the rest of the Lafont family. Together with the Vizio Optic team, there will be over a dozen stylists on hand to assist in fashion and wardrobing both sunglass and ophthalmic frames.

Things are getting wild next season. Lafont eyewear for fall and winter will include wildlife-inspired prints and details on metal frames, with every bit of passion and detail as the brand’s signature plastic styles. Leopard and zebra prints abound in unexpected colors adding a beautiful texture to each frame.

Other styles in the Rendezvous collection harken back to 1950s Paris, with alluring shapes, two-toned mod effects and engravings giving the frames a distinct mid-century appeal.

You really don’t want to miss out on this rare opportunity to meet the brains behind one of our favorite brands – we are counting down the days!! Stay tuned to our Facebook page on when to RSVP, or join our mailing list to receive a message when it’s time. Got questions about the event? Call us at 866-411-9428 or email info@viziooptic.com. Hope to see you there!


Everyone always needs a little encouragement on a Monday, don’t they? Woow eyewear is here for you, with its words of encouragement that stay with you all day. How? They’re on your glasses! Each frame from the French designer has a little message of positivity that only the wearer knows about, as it is written on the inner ear tips giving you good vibes all day long. This week, we push away bad thoughts with a pair of Woow Never Mind 1 eyeglasses.

Woow Never Mind 1 eyeglasses

Last seen on our friend Kelsey in turquoise, this version that our friend Susan is wearing features a gradient blonde tortoise design in transparent acetate that lets the colors truly stand out. With the little message Never Mind with her all day, Susan will pay no mind to negativity and embrace how wonderful she looks in her brand new pair of glasses.

Woow Never Mind 1 c.2092 eyeglasses

Never Mind is a flattering style on many people. Its rectangular lenses have rounded edges for a softer look, while flared corners let the two-tone design really shine. This frame is also available in solid black, grey with yellow accents, and plum with red accents.

Need more encouragement throughout your week? Take a look at more styles from Woow, including Come On, Rock Me, and Wake Up over on our website. Let us know which one is your favorite!


Vizio Optic Lookbook Preview

This weekend Vizio Optic had its very first blogger photo shoot! We’re working on our latest lookbook and this time around we decided to feature some of our favorite fashion bloggers from around Boston. They were natural models and looked fantastic in the photos, we can’t wait to show you how it turns out! Until then, here’s a preview of what you’ll be seeing very soon (photos from Instagram by Kristen Ciccolini):

Lindsey of L's Fashion Dish in Beausoleil 296 eyeglasses
Lindsey from L’s Fashion Dish wears a pair of Beausoleil 296 eyeglasses in brown, accented by a muted blue on the inner surface. The cat-eye curves looked great on her and went very well with her chic white blazer and jeans.

Kelsey of Tickle Me Pink in Woow Never Mind 1 eyeglasses

Kelsey from Tickle Me Pink loved the bright color of these Woow Never Mind 1 eyeglasses, they stood out beautifully with her cream-colored lace dress. We shot her photos at the Brookline Public Library right down the street from our shop!

Holly of Holly Dolly in Etnia AF280 sunglasses

Holly from Holly Dolly was a natural, and she made some pretty perfect choices when picking out the frames she liked. Here, she wears Etnia AF280 sunglasses in mint green with coral accents.

Kristen of The Boston Fashionista in Oliver Goldsmith Camp sunglasses

If you’ve visited Kristen’s blog before (The Boston Fashionista), you’ll know how much she loves her oversized shades, which is why we knew she’d be perfect for Oliver Goldsmith Uuksuu sunglasses. The glamorous frame features a two-tone design called Caramel Split, with black along the top half and a rich caramel shade on the bottom.

Lei Ann of Lei Ann Off Duty in Etnia La Rochelle eyeglasses

Lei Ann of Lei Ann Off Duty chose Etnia La Rochelle eyeglasses for their cool pattern that lines the top of the frame. Her reasoning? She’s short, so while the pattern is subtle from the front, her taller friends will be able to see the cool design in all its glory. Sounds good to us!

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Boston Magazine 40th Anniversary Best of Boston Awards 2013

The 2013 Best of Boston issue of Boston Magazine is out on stands this week, and we are honored to announce that we’ve won an award for Best Optical Shop! Here’s what the editors over at the city’s top magazine, presenting its 40th Anniversary awards issue, had to say:

Regardless of your spectacle tendencies – quirky or clean – Brookline’s Vizio Optic will identify the most flattering frames for your face, then present you with options: Chanel, Beausoleil, and Ray-Ban are just a few of the brands carried. An optician on site guarantees that you’ll soon be seeing – and looking – much better.

The Best of Boston Award is considered one of the most aspired-to accolades in both Greater Boston and much of New England, so it is with great honor that we accept the title and with much gratitude to our wonderful customers as well. Without you, our readers, our customers and our friends, we would not be an award-winning company!

Celebrate in 2013 sunglasses

This year marks our sixth Best of Boston award! We first won in 2006 for the Best Eyeglasses, also winning in that category in 2007 and 2009. In 2010, we earned our first Best Optical Shop award, then Vizio Optic was named the Best Sunglasses shop in 2012. To be given these titles by members of our local community is a sign that we’re doing something right, and we thank everyone who has ever visited our shop for being a part of our story.


What is a pupillary distance measurement?

When buying a pair of designer glasses with prescription lenses at VizioOptic.com, we require some important information in order to ensure your lenses provide the most precise vision possible. It is vital that you email or fax your prescription to us, but it’s even more important that this document includes your PD measurement.

The PD measurement is a figure denoting your pupillary distance. It is measured from the center of your left pupil over to the center of your right pupil. If this number does not appear on your prescription, you will have to visit your eye doctor to get an exact measurement, or you may check old prescriptions to see if it appears there (adult PD does not change).

We do not recommend trying to measure this yourself, as it can be quite difficult to get an accurate reading. If you absolutely cannot get to an eye health professional, have a friend help you out. Pupillary distance is measured in millimeters, and should be determined while you are looking straight ahead, focused on an object across the room.

If you have a dual PD listed on your prescription (32/33, for example), each number is the distance from your right and left pupil’s center to the center of your nose, respectively. We must emphasize that the right measurement is the number on the left, and vice versa, so try not to confuse the two.

Why is this number important? It is used to ensure that your lenses are perfectly customized to your eyes, as it pinpoints your exact optical center. Lenses are produced with a slight curve, rather than with a completely flat surface, so the PD measurement lets us know that your personal optical center is reflected exactly within the lens.

For more tips on how to buy glasses online at VizioOptic.com, please visit our guide to ordering lenses.

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Face a Face eyewear is a customer favorite. The French brand is appealing to many thanks to its chic designs and flattering fit, and each frame is actually hand made, so you know your glasses are being handled with the utmost care. With hundreds of styles and colors to choose from, we’re always confident that shoppers will be able to find something that perfectly suits their personality and style needs.

Face a Face Maeva 2 eyeglasses

This week, our friend Susan was so happy with her brand new pair of Face a Face Maeva 2 eyeglasses that she sent us a great photo of herself showing them off front and center. The Vizio team loved it so much, we knew we had to share it with our blog readers! The deep aubergine frames looks so flattering against her fair skin and blonde hair, giving her a happier, more youthful and elegant appearance – exactly what your designer glasses should be doing for you!


Maeva 2 has two sets of rims, the aubergine-colored based, and the gold rim that hugs the edges of the lens. The slimmer rims extend forward, and as you can see in Susan’s photo, give the frame a beautiful shine. These rims connect to a matching gold hinge, which leads to curvaceous arms that boast a spotted-tortoise pattern.

Do you want to be featured in our Frame of the Week series? We love to see how happy you are in your new eyeglasses and sunglasses, so submit your photos via Facebook, Twitter, by using the hashtag #viziooptic on Instagram, or by emailing photos to marketing@viziooptic.com. We look forward to seeing you!

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Ray Ban aviator sunglasses

Mirrored designer sunglasses are one of the biggest trends in fashion right now, spotted on athletes, celebrities and some of our favorite style bloggers as well. But what is it about that beautiful shine that makes us jump for joy every time a new pair arrives at Vizio?

For us, it’s all the cool colors the lenses come in – shades of pink, blue, green, orange, yellow…. you name it, we have it. This is prime time to have color-popping accessories, and despite their ’80s roots, bright mirror lenses give add a modern edge to any outfit. Check out a few of our favorites below from Ray Ban sunglasses, and try pairing them with simple, delicate outfits for an eye-popping look.

Ray Ban Large Metal Aviator Sunglasses

Ray Ban Large Metal Aviator sunglasses feature crystal green mirror lenses to complement their classic gold frame. With the original aviator silhouette, all you need is a touch of color to bring this style into 2013.

Ray Ban Folding Wayfarer sunglasses

Meanwhile, these Ray Ban Folding Wayfarer sunglasses get an upgrade as well with their cool black and navy frame complemented by crystal blue mirror lenses. Not only does it looks pretty awesome, but it conveniently folds into a small size that fits perfectly in a shirt pocket or small inner pocket in your purse.

Ray Ban Cats sunglasses

Last but not least, Ray Ban Cats sunglasses take the typical aviator silhouette and give it a matte, transparent frame in plastic with crystal brown lenses that boast an orange mirror treatment. The most complex of all three styles, Cats will be the showstopper this summer, so make sure to tone down the rest of your outfit to let this baby shine.


Helping children choose their first pair of kids glasses is one of our favorite things to do. For little ones, it’s a whole new experience and our job is to make the transition to a glasses-wearing lifestyle as easy as possible. The bonus is that we get to help them pick out a frame that shows off their cool personalities as well. Growing up is all about finding the best ways to express yourself and letting them choose their favorite colors and patterns is a great way to do this and to help them get used to their new daily accessory.

Swissflex Eyephorics Teen Rimless Eyeglasses

This past week, our little friend Amalia (who insisted on funny faces over smiles for our photo!) embarked on her new journey as the coolest glasses-wearing girl on the block. She chose a pair of Swissflex glasses (from the Teen Eyephorics collection, fit to her size) with a petal-colored bridge and pink temples, her favorite colors! The rimless frame is as light as can be, which helps lessen the distraction of new glasses for kids because the weight makes it easier to forget they’re wearing them at all.

Swissflex Eyephorics rimless teen glasses

Swissflex eyeglasses are known for their innovative design, particularly the screw-less hinges that make for a durable and strong frame. Parents will be reassured by this hinge, sine there is no worry that screws will loosen and the glasses will come apart. Temples are thermoplastic to resist heat and maintain grip (avoiding slippage and accidental damage), ergonomic nose pads alleviate pressure, and thermosensitive ear pieces adjust to the shape of the head for a customized, comfortable fit.

Besides all the stuff parents will love, kids will have a great time picking out their favorite colors for the bridge and arms, which can be in any combination they want.

Doesn’t Amalia look happy in her new glasses? We think your child will, too. Since Eyephorics frames are highly customized, we can personally assist with your order via phone at 866-411-9428 or by email, sales@viziooptic.com. Got any questions? Let us know in the comments!

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Let’s face it, designer eyewear can be pretty pricey. When making such an investment, you expect a high-quality product crafted with care that will last for many years, but there are many eyewear brands out there that are not focused on meeting these expectations. Big fashion labels like Gucci and Prada may make some attractive sunglasses, but they’re just another notch on their alligator-skin belts when it comes to accessory lines. This isn’t to say their frames aren’t equally as beautiful and coveted as their handbags and shoes, but we want to highlight some brands that are 100% devoted to making the best-quality specs and shades and nothing else!

Alain Mikli handcrafted eyewear

At Vizio Optic, most of the designers we carry are niche brands. That is, their output is eyewear only; there is absolutely nothing else to worry about, so all their love and attention goes towards making waves in the industry with their superb innovations, creative designs, colorful options and unique shapes. Alain Mikli, for example, still crafts his  glasses by hand, layering color petals with mother of pearl for one of his signature eyewear patterns.

Other handcrafted frames come from Beausoleil, Face a Face, J.F. Rey, Kamuro, Kata, LINDBERG, MYKITA, Oliver Goldsmith, Persol, Pierre, Robert Marc,Vue dc and more – so a very large portion of our eyewear selection! Mass production is not an option for many, Persol’s labor-intensive process can take up to eight days for one frame. Knowing that kind of attention to detail is going into your designer glasses, it makes for a much more cherished accessory, especially in cases like Alain Mikli’s layered pattern, where the finished look can differ from one frame to the next leaving you with a truly exclusive and unique design.

What’s your favorite niche eyewear brand? Let us know in the comments!