The New Generation of Aviator Sunglasses: MYKITA Rolf

MYKITA Rolf sunglasses

Anyone looking for the ultimate subtle celeb-luxe accessory should check out MYKITA Rolf sunglasses, an extremely light unisex aviator frame handmade in Germany. You’ve probably seen this unique style of MYKITA sunglasses on celebrities like Brad Pitt, Hugh Grant, and Angelina Jolie without even realizing it because these sunglasses are an exercise in stylishly low-key luxury.

MYKITA Rolf sunglasses

MYKITA Rolf sunglasses feature the brand’s signature screwless hinge paired with a classic double bridge, making them an amazing choice for everyday wear. Plus, they’re durable so you never have to worry about overdoing it when you’re wearing your Rolfs.

But what makes this design different from your everyday aviator sunglasses are lenses that are subtly angled downward near the bridge, giving them a sexy, exciting feel. These aren’t your dad’s aviators by any stretch of the imagination. MYKITA Rolf polarized sunglasses are retro by virtue of being aviators, but their archetypal silhouette belies a bold, modern, and powerful style of sunglasses that will add an air of luxury to any outfit and any activity.

MYKITA Rolf sunglasses

Why do we wear MYKITA Rolf? Because they make us look luxurious without blatantly showing off. Now we want to hear from you: What’s your secret eyewear luxury?

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