Star Sunwear: MYKITA Franz Sunglasses

Despite the end of its run in 2004, HBO’s Sex and the City has left a lasting impression on the world of fashion. Many ladies still look to Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw for style inspiration today – she was a woman who wasn’t afraid to take risks and who wore the boldest outfits with a smile. One of her favorite accessories that is still popular today was seen in the film Sex and the City 2: MYKITA Franz sunglasses.

Sarah Jessica Parker in MYKITA Franz Sunglasses


Just look at these frames! Aren’t they stunning? These designer sunglasses are made of gold stainless steel, in a classic aviator silhouette that is flattering on many face shapes. The lenses have a gold mirror treatment, which offers added privacy and protection from the sun, and has the extra bonus of making you look like a diva with a fabulously flashy sense of style.

MYKITA Franz sunglasses

MYKITA Franz sunglasses are part of a limited edition collection created in collaboration with the famous European designer Bernhard Willhelm. As you can see above, the closed bridge aviator is connected to the wide arm pieces via a screw-less hinge – MYKITA eyewear‘s innovative technology that uses interlocking pieces instead of a small screw for extra strength and durability. The snap-on snap-off hinge makes repairs easy, reducing any worries of damage from accidental harsh treatment.

Although Ms. Bradshaw has inspired many women to go out and grab these limited edition frames, they are certainly not just for women! Aviators are universally flattering – check out these photos from the brand’s “Me, MYKITA, & I” blog.

MYKITA Franz sunglasses

MYKITA Franz Sunglasses

MYKITA Franz Sunglasses


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