Second Time’s A Charm: MYKITA’s No. 2 Sun Collection

When designers Harald Gottschling, Daniel Haffmans, Philipp Haffmans, and Moritz Krueger debuted MYKITA’s first designer glasses collection in 2004, there were some people in the industry who thought it couldn’t get any better than their Collection No. 1 Sun. We’re happy to say we knew they were wrong! When the MYKITA No.2 Sun Collection premiered a few years later, we had a lot of fun saying, “I told you so,” when the brand came out with beautiful acetate sunglasses featuring a whole new hinge concept.

The MYKITA No.2 Sun Collection is just a lot of fun, with its six bold styles and its range of absolutely incredible colors. These are designer sunglasses that don’t bow down to trends – the German brand really nailed it with its second collection of classical shades that will still be hot years or even decades from now. Want to see two of our favorite styles from the Mykita No.2 Sun Collection?

MYKITA Marc sunglasses

MYKITA Marc sunglasses are sure to get you noticed with its bold celeb styling and awesome sun protection. It features a structured plastic frame in Cuba (dark tortoise), with dark lenses for the ultimate protection against the sun.

MYKITA Emanuelle sunglasses
And at the other end of the spectrum, you have MYKITA Emanuelle sunglasses, oversized and elegant shades with a totally timeless look. You’ll be the most glamorous person around no matter where you go.

All of the sunglasses in the MYKITA No.2 Sun Collection come with either gradient, solid, or polarized lenses in various colors – a feature we think makes these shades even cooler. But that’s just our opinion. How do you feel about colored lenses in sunglasses? Is it a lasting trend or one destined to get stale?

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