How Mykita Became Even More Flexible

They say don’t mess with success, but we’re glad Mykita did! After the fantastic reception the brand received for their No. 1 and No. 1 Sun collections, you ‘d think their designers would have taken a break to enjoy their accomplishments. But no, two years after their Silmo debut, Mykita was back with their gorgeous  Mykita No.2 Collection.

Instead of precision cut surgical-grade stainless steel, the Mykita No.2 Collection features eyeglass frames in full-bodied cellulose acetate in translucent colors inspired by precious gems along with classic colors like tortoiseshell. What didn’t change was the brand’s penchant for technological innovation. We think it’s amazing…To work their patented screwless hinge into these designer glasses, Mykita had to design an entirely new way of bonding the flexible hinge to the acetate frame!

And how can you not love the result?
MYKITA Helmut eyeglasses
The Mykita Helmut in tortoiseshell is a classically conservative frame with refined good looks – perfect if you love all things traditional.
MYKITA Barbara eyeglasses
And the Mykita Barbara in amethyst is one of the funkier frames in the MYKITA No.2 Collection, with a Buddy Holly-ish feel that makes an immediate impression. Remember, purple is in right now.

Twelve more prescription styles round out the Mykita No.2 Collection, which ranges from bold styles in fashion colors to subdued and sophisticated choices, and we adore them all. It’s not often we can say that!

We’d love to know which frames from this designer collection you love best – are you more of a Helmut or a Barbara?

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