Do The Math: Geometric Sunglasses are IN

Whether you’re a mathlete or completely clueless when it comes to mathematics, the hot trend of using geometric shapes in designer sunglasses is popping up everywhere. Polygons galore can be found in brands like Oliver Goldsmith and MYKITA, making for a unique look that will stand out in your everyday wardrobe. Here are the top geometric sunglasses for 2012.

Oliver Goldsmith Kendal sunglasses


Oliver Goldsmith Kendal sunglasses are the perfect example of a geometric design. Touted as an “aviator with a difference,” this frame from the brand’s Icons collection was designed in 1970 to show the fashion world that aviators were not required to be made in a certain shape or with metal. Kendal features a matte black quartz frame with beautiful gradient lenses, and is also available in Coulis Sandwich, Electric Tortoise, Grey Aqua, and Black Truffle.

MYKITA Ethan Sunglasses

MYKITA Ethan sunglasses stick closer to the classic aviator shape, keeping the basic design and adding a few extra angles. Rather than going for rounded lenses, the brand opts for a pentagonal shape, with the upper right corner providing a side for the trapezoidal bridge. The black frame features black gradient lenses, as well as matching nose pads and plastic ear tips.

Oliver Goldsmith Fuz sunglasses


When you search for a pair of square sunglasses, you come up with a whole lot of styles whose designers clearly are unaware of the definition of “square.” Not with Oliver Goldsmith. Once again, the London brand knows just what it takes to create a cool geometric frame. Rather than going for a structured rectangular look (which is what you’ll find in most of the styles that are supposed to be “square”) Oliver Goldsmith Fuz sunglasses are exactly what you expect. The shape stands out, especially with its stunning tortoise-colored frame and rosy lenses.

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