Best Eyeglasses for Kids

The perfect way to spruce up your child’s school wardrobe is with a new pair of glasses. Vizio Optic has an amazing selection of kids eyeglasses just in time for the holidays!

LINDBERG Kids 1501 eyeglasses are great for any occasion. They are sophisticated, yet still young and fun. They are perfect for the upcoming fashionista.


Especially in tortoise, these frames are an amazing back to school look!

For your son, LINDBERG Kids 1505 frames are the next big thing.


These glasses are stylish and won’t cause an argument about having to wear glasses to school. And, the best part about LINDBERG Kids frames is their durability. No matter how rough and tumble your son is, you won’t have to worry about his glasses snapping! These glasses are long-lasting and won’t need regular repairs . The screw-less hinges and titanium temple design are super durable, so no need to fear playground damages!

If glasses tend to get lost in your house, we recommend keeping a backup just in case! Your kids could even have a pair for school and a super fun pair for playtime, like these Etnia Kids Metroville eyeglasses. The transparent turquoise bottom and patterned black and white top of the frame is so fun and stylish!



Etnia Kids has eyeglasses in so many colors and shapes, your kids won’t know how to choose! These Etnia Kids Melmac eyeglasses are a perfect look for your daughter if she wants a more simple, yet still fun, look!


When choosing a new pair of glasses for your children, style and fit are of the utmost importance and here at Vizio Optic, those are our top priorities!

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