Why Do You Have 10 Pairs of Shoes and Only 1 Pair of Glasses?

How many pairs of eyeglasses do you have? If you wear glasses every day, all day, and you answered “one pair”, I am here to open your eyes to the importance and fun of having more than one pair. Some may feel that owning multiple pairs of glasses is an indulgence or something one just has to wear.  Lucky for us we live in a time where glasses have been included in the fashion world as an accessory and the prescription lenses mandate we wear them.  Brands like CHANEL design optical and sunglass frames that follow the fashion world and are intended to be updated with the seasons and changes in fashion. Yet, they are also frames you won’t want to put away and never wear again either.  Some insurance plans will allow you to sock money away into Flex Spending Accounts to spend on such medical devices.  Aren’t you excited to learn that CHANEL and other fashionable glasses are considered to be medical devices and may possibly be covered under your insurance?  Insert tears of joy.

Now that I have your attention, let me offer some advice on how to successfully build your eyeglass wardrobe.  Keep an open mind and remember how many pairs of shoes you have and how many different needs you have for your feet. Each pair of shoes you own does something different for you and so do your glasses.  The first key to building a strong wardrobe is to own one pair that is fully functional.  For me this frame is comfortable, stylish, durable and classic in shape and color that goes with everything I wear.  Brands like Robert Marc , Lunor, and Lindberg are just a few examples of such frames.

My favorite frame is Lafont Greta in color 532.  I love this frame and I wear it all the time.  Why have a second pair, you ask? For me I made this decision after my adorable pup, Dolly, destroyed my favorite pair.  I learned the hard way that a back up pair of glasses is essential.  While replacing my beloved pair of Lafont glasses, I added a second pair to my collection.  This pair is different, fun, and a great way to accessorize with my various outfits and shoes.  My second pair is Face a Face Punk Her in color 1221.




Now that we have back up and fashion frames taken care of, we must consider a pair that protects us from the harmful rays of the sun.  There are so many great fashion frames out there that contribute to your own sense of style.  Many of these frames will nicely hold an eyeglass prescription.  Wearing polarized, prescription lenses are life changing.  Polarized lenses fully protect your eyes from the sun’s rays and cut the glare. Your eyes are soothed with crisp, clear vision.  Some of my favorite brands for sunglasses are: Lafont, WooW and Face a Face.  If your style leans in a more sporty direction, Maui Jim, Randolph , and Ray Ban  are excellent choices.

By having three key pairs of glasses you are well on your way to building a sensible wardrobe of glasses.  Eventually you can branch out to incorporate more trendy, oversized, colorful and expressive frames.  Before you know it, you will be popping on a red pair of cat eye glasses to complement your outfit for the day and oh-la-la the complements you will receive. Having multiple pairs of glasses is just as much fun as getting a new hair cut, pair of shoes, hand bag, jewelry, or lipstick.  We change our appearance daily to make ourselves feel confident, attractive, and unique. Wearing glasses is the perfect complement to keeping your entire wardrobe in fashion from head to toe.

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See you soon!

Erin Stiles, Licensed Optician at Vizio Optic