Fatale, Feminine, French, Fantastic!: ic! berlin’s ‘tres chic!’ Collection

Here at Vizio Optic, we are all about empowering our clients. We love to help you look good and feel good with the perfect pair of glasses. That is precisely why we love the tres chic! collection from ic! berlin – the ultimate eyewear for the modern woman.

ic! berlin sunglasses
Designer Christina Muthsam created the collection for today’s women, who make juggling a number of important roles look effortless with their clever sense of style. Tres chic! glasses gather their inspiration from retro looks, which add a beautifully classic touch to the trendy and feminine designs.

ic! berlin eyeglasses in the tres! chic collection come with a special treat. While you’ll get the protective accessories like a black leather case with magnetic closure and purple microfiber cloth, both designed specifically for this line, you will also receive a stylish silver necklace with a pendant designed just like your eyeglass model.
ic! berlin EyewearOne of our favorite tres chic! designs is the ic! berlin charmonte. These lightweight titanium frames come in aubergine (shown above), black, pearl and chocolate. Equipped with the designer’s trademark hinge, these ic! berlin glasses also feature small and comfortable nose pads and acetate temples for maximum comfort.

The tres chic! collection is designed exclusively for women, by women. Visit us at Vizio Optic to find  frames that will make you look, as ic! berlin says, “fatale, feminine, French, fantastic!”

Image source: ic-berlin.de

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