Built to Last: Immortal ic! berlin Eyewear

ic! berlin
Even those with the finest of personal belongings can find a way to break them. Whether it’s the result of a child’s curiosity or a simple case of clumsiness, we’ve all found one of our prized possessions in pieces before. However, those who choose a pair of award-winning ic! berlin eyeglasses are investing in an indestructible luxury.

ic! berlin crafts high-quality, durable eyewear with its unique “naked” technology. Using a screw-less spring-hinge-clasp design that consists of a simple interlocking pieces, the glasses will never become loose or require adjustments. The flexible 0.5-millimeter-thick stainless steel frames keep the shape of the glasses in tact as well, allowing them to bounce back from any bending, dropping or other harsh treatment.
All ic! berlin eyewear is also remarkably lightweight at less than 20 grams, giving the frames a barely-there feel.

In the designer’s plastic! line, the front and temples are made of acetate, which is mounted to the frames with stainless steel clips. Because there are no tools used to put the glasses together, the temple pieces are able to snap on and off. This not only allows for color customization, but also for simple repairs if necessary.

Along with ic! berlin’s one-of-a-kind approach to creating its frames, the brand is also characterized by its intriguing style. The frames’ slight curve give a sportier feel, while the temples are fitted with grips that hug above the ears for a comfortable fit.

Whether you’re looking for a way to update your look this fall, need a pair of glasses that you don’t have to worry about breaking or just want to pick up the latest designs, ic! berlin at Vizio Optic offers an extensive collection of practical eyewear that is stylish, resilient and supremely modern.

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