Who Says You Can’t Wear White After Labor Day?

Fashion etiquette has long dictated that white is never to be worn after Labor Day – but rules are made to be broken, aren’t they? This fall, don a pair of white-hot designer eyeglasses to stand out among the ubiquitous dark apparel of the cooler months. Brands like Face a Face and J.F. Rey’s Boz have plenty of options for you to choose from to stay chic and stylish throughout the season.

Face a Face Swann 1 eyeglasses

Face a Face Swann 1 c. 031 eyeglasses are a great pair of specs. They feature a rectangular silhouette that is quite a classic, but with a bright white twist. The front of the frame has a gradient effect, running from white along the top to clear on the bottom half of the lenses. This plastic style is accented with silver in each corner and on the hinges, with white arms that extend to the ear with a cool, unique curved design.

J.F. Rey Boz News eyeglasses

If you want a little pop of color in your white frame, Boz News eyeglasses by J.F. Rey are an excellent choice. This style features oval lenses with a straight-top silhouette, accented with a thin line of purple along the top. White glasses will make you a standout fashionista, but the subtle bit of color adds a chic edge to the frame that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Face a Face Agape 2 eyeglasses

For those who don’t want to go completely white, Face a Face Agape 2 eyeglasses can help you ease into the look. The thick glossy frame features rectangular rims with a straight-top bridge, complemented by thin gold arms that are capped with tortoise patterned plastic for a comfortable fit over the ears. Agape 2 is an interesting style with the contrast between slenderness and solidity in its design.

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