Transparent Glasses Do the Opposite of Blending In!

Are you looking for great retro eyeglasses with an upscale feel? It was actually Geoffrey Zakarian of Food Network fame who reminded us how amazing glasses with clear frames can be. Clear glasses offer great visibility paired with the comfort of a sturdy plastic body for eyeglasses wearers who aren’t in the market for a rimless style, but want their own features to get noticed first.

Transparent frames look great on almost everyone, but they reach their full potential on those with smaller features, blondes, and anyone who can wear retro glasses well. The only thing we’d caution is that people with pale complexions might want to try on clear glasses frames before buying because the lack of color can make very light skin look washed out.

Some of our favorite transparent glasses frames are:

Beausoleil 012-500 Eyeglasses

These lightweight transparent frames from Beausoleil, which are definitely hip and fun.

Lafont Theoreme glasses

The Lafont Theoreme glasses in color 001 from their Reedition collection, which is great for anyone who wants eyewear that looks and feels like mint condition vintage glasses.

Face a Face Allen glasses

And Face a Face Allen frames, which are transparent – but with a hint of yellow – and have a classic intellectual sophistication.

Aren’t they great? We’re not surprised that we’ve had a lot of customers asking for glasses with clear frames recently. We anticipate that transparent glasses frames are going to be one of the new must-have retro glasses frames this season.

Have you tried on a pair of glasses with clear frames? What did you think?

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