The Making of Face a Face Bocca Valentine

Valentine’s Day may have been last week, but we still love this video from Face a Face giving a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Bocca Valentine. This single-lens pair of designer sunglasses is totally unique and certainly novel, with its heart-shaped red rim that leads to the famously voluptuous legs that we know from Face a Face Bocca 3 sunglasses. White arms lead the way to matching red pumps, completing this awesomely festive pair of shades.

Face a Face glasses are all carefully handcrafted in France, and in this little film you’ll see just how much care goes into making your designer glasses and sunglasses. It’s an impressive process and we applaud brands that still work by hand to provide you with the highest quality product!


The original Bocca is inspired by surrealist painter Salvador Dali, whose Mae West Lips couch led the designers to create the limited edition frame. As you can see below, the rims actually took the shape of lips! From there, Face a Face has reinvented the funky frame several times, and we love the exclusive and creative Bocca Valentine.

Face a Face Bocca sunglasses

What do you think? Would you wear it? For a similar pair to the original Bocca, try a pair of Face a Face Senso 2 sunglasses, a more wearable version for your everyday look 🙂

Face a Face Senso 2 sunglasses

Photos: Face a Face

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