The Bold and the Beautiful: Bright Colors for Spring

One of the hottest trends this season is bold, bright colors – neons included. You’ll be seeing everything from nail polish and eyeshadow to handbags and blouses in extreme shades this spring, and you can get on board as well with a pair of eye-catching designer eyeglasses in standout hues.

Face a Face Sagan 2 eyeglasses


Face a Face Sagan 2 eyeglasses are light, bright, and fun. The shape itself is quite classic, with a rectangular rim that flares at the tips, but the glasses come alive with this playful, traffic-stopping red. Not only is Sagan a beautifully feminine style, but in this color, you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go. What a great way to show off your fun side!

Face a Face Adore 2 eyeglasses


Face a Face Adore 2 eyeglasses are a little more subtle, but will still get your friends and family talking. This fabulous purple shade is accented with a complementary pink, making them the ultimate girly frames. Although similar to Sagan 2 in shape, Adore 2 features more rounded lenses that looks great on women with sharper facial features.

Face a Face Elvis 1 eyeglasses


Face a Face Elvis 1 eyeglasses are made in a wonderful bold turquoise and red combination – a contrast that truly stands out and looks fantastic. The solid front rim is structured and rectangular, great on women with softer features, and is connected to patterned red arm pieces that slope over the ears for a comfortable fit.

Going for a bold look may be scary at first, but being able to show off your true self is a great feeling. Don’t be so shy, come on in to Vizio Optic to see how you look in a pair of bright designer glasses today!

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