NEW ARRIVALS: Face a Face eyewear

We love Face a Face glasses here at Vizio Optic, and we’re so excited to bring to you a brand new collection of the French brand’s beautiful designer eyewear for Fall 2012. Filled with colorful frames made of high-quality plastic, you’ll love all of the creative and playful styles in this new line.

Face a Face Ginza 2 eyeglasses

Face a Face Ginza 2 eyeglasses is an oversized style that takes cues from the Seventies and Eighties, when large plastic rims were all the rage. This retro frame has a square silhouette with lenses that are rounded at the corners for a softer, feminine look, and has crisscross stripes on each upper corner of the front rim. This style is available in a classic tortoise and red with yellow stripes.

Face a Face Moons 2 Sunglasses

Face a Face Moons 2 sunglasses are a funky look for this fall.  Its transparent purple frame comes with a retro square silhouette and a pink overlay on the front rim. It is complemented by tan striped arms, which are wide and slope to a smaller ear tip. This frame is also available in Striped Tan and Black.

Face a Face Sorel 2 eyeglasses

Face a Face Sorel 3 eyeglasses, from the brand’s stainless steel collection, are a beautiful geometric style, a trend that is very popular this season. It features  pointed outer corners and an angular top rim, and is also available in fuchsia with pink with purple accents.

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