Eyestylist interviews Face a Face’s Pascal Jaulent

Face a Face eyeglasses

We’re huge fans of Face a Face eyewear at Vizio Optic. The brand’s beautiful designs are brought to the world by Pascal Jaulent, president and art director for Face a Face, and his partner Nadine Roth. Recently, Jaulent spoke with the blog Eyestylist about his creative process and where he gets his inspiration.

Like many people, Jaulent did not go to school for what he ultimately became famous for. Despite having a background in finance, his love of design and architecture led him to where he is today.

“The basic principle of Face a Face has always been architecture, and now we also combine fashion with shapes and colours – it is very artful,” Jaulent told Eyestylist. “When designing frames, it is important to pay attention to design, but also fashion trends. Frames are a personal object or accessory that has to be connected to fashion trends.”

The designer finds it extremely important to keep up with current looks, as fashion moves quite quickly and labels have to act accordingly. This year’s trends involve the combination of several materials into one frame, which Jaulent finds particularly intriguing, noting his desire to work with rubber, concrete, and other “unexpected materials.” His current collection uses silk and cotton.

“There are many more collections now than a few years ago. Frames are a personal expression, and the attention that people are paying to a frame is a growing, positive trend. I want customers to say ‘this is beautiful, and my eyes smile,'” Jaulent told the eyewear blog.

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