Eye Spy… Jennifer Garner in Face a Face Glasses

Where do we get our fashion inspiration? Some people look to style bloggers to help put together a great outfit, others look to magazines and fashion-related TV shows for some new ideas. As for us, we like to look to our favorite celebrities to let us know what’s trending and what can perfect a look. Actress Jennifer Garner always looks stunning in her films and on the red carpet, and she keeps up the good work in her daily life as well. She was recently spotted wearing a pair of great Face a Face glasses, seen on the brand’s Facebook page, paired with a leather jacket and pretty floral scarf. With an angular face like hers, this frame’s silhouette truly flatters.

Face a Face Vinyl 2 c.388 eyeglasses

The style Jennifer is wearing is Vinyl 2 in color 388, a two-tone, gradient design with a tan bottom and chocolate brown top. Now, we know she has great taste – she is Mrs. Affleck after all – but this definitely seals the deal for her style credibility. The gradient coloring gives this oval frame a unique look, and the strong, flared brow accentuates her best features.

Face a Face Vinyl 2 color options

Vinyl 2 comes in many different colors, including purple, pink, tan, mauve, beige, burgundy gradient, and black. Whether you want to explore your creative side with bright shades, or keep things on the neutral side, Face a Face Eyewear has you covered.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

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