Beware of the Sun This Fall!

So the weather’s getting cooler and the sun’s strength is weakening, so that means you don’t need to wear sunglasses this season, right? WRONG!

Just because you’ve got your peacoat and boots on doesn’t mean you have to forego the shades. Exposure to the sun can be damaging no matter what time of the year, especially if you haven’t yet reached your mid-20s, when the human eyes become fully developed. And besides, Fall is the most fashionable season of the year – why pass up a chance to show off your chic style?

Here’s a look at the hottest designer sunglasses styles for Fall 2012:

Face a Face Brune 2 sunglasses

Face a Face Brune 2 sunglasses are oversized and luxurious, looking every bit as glamorous as a celebrity on her way to her next red carpet event. Large lenses not only give off a hot diva vibe, but they cover more surface area and provide more protection from ultraviolet rays. Nothing’s more fashionable than being safe in the sun! Brune 2 comes in black with a modern cat-eye silhouette and recessed silver trim. The arms come in a complementary white.

 MYKITA Emmadora sunglasses

MYKITA Emmadora sunglasses are a favorite of ours at Vizio Optic. The lenses are big and surrounded by a bold amethyst frame, which comes in transparent plastic so that when light shines through, the jewel-toned shade becomes illuminated and emphasized. Emmadora also feature’s the brand’s interlocking hinge, which is a screw-less design that keeps things light and easily repairable.

Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan sunglasses

Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan sunglasses will always be in style. This classic frame is as glam as it is timeless, made popular in the 1950s thanks to Audrey Hepburn in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Hepburn’s Holly Golightly has become a fashion icon, and these oversized shades are perpetually flying off the shelves. Get yours in tortoise, black, or caramel split.

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