Why We Love Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses

As one of the only high end optical stores that carry Oliver Goldsmith in Boston, we are a huge fan of brand’s retro designer sunglasses that have become pretty iconic in the fashion world. Inspired by the beautiful people of Hollywood and the even more stunning sites in England, the sunwear collection features frames that have been and are sure to be popular for decades to come.

 Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan sunglasses

For example, the most popular Oliver Goldsmith vintage sunglasses are the Manhattan, a design worn by Audrey Hepburn as Holly GoLightly in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’sCreated just a year before, Hepburn helped this style skyrocket to fame and it has stayed in the top picks of the world’s favorite fashionistas ever since. Above are the iconic frames in a more modern color – caramel split. They are also available in black, dark tortoiseshell, grape, and ink.

Oliver Goldsmith Berkwick sunglasses

Another pair of Oliver Goldsmith retro sunglasses we love is the Berwick, named in 1979 after the designer’s favorite pub in London. This frame became an icon when Princess Diana borrowed the Berwick from Prince Charles and wore it on the cover of Tatler Magazine in 1985. This cool plastic aviator style has a striped detail right in the center, and is available in black and white, crystal sapphire, electric tortoise, milky blues, white raspberry, and matte black.

Oliver Goldsmith Bude sunglasses

As if you needed another reason to love retro Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses, here’s one more – the Bude. Designed in 1959, Bude was inspired by the designer’s favorite area near the British seaside town of Cornwall. Its exaggerated curves mimic the ocean waves and have a sensual, feminine quality that is bold and exciting.

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