See the World in a New Light With Maui Jim Sunglasses

Forget rose-colored lenses, we have a much better way to see the world in all of its natural beauty. Maui Jim sunglasses are the perfect choice for the summer, with their special lens technology that makes the ocean waves and the bright blue sky as crisp and clear as can be, enhancing the scenery around you to let you truly appreciate your surroundings. Here, see for yourself!

Maui Jim sunglasses lens technology

Photo: Maui Jim Facebook page

Your view has never been so beautiful! “Welcome to Color,” says Maui Jim.

Using PolarizedPlus®2 lens technology, the lenses in these designer sunglasses reduce glare and offer you total protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, providing contrast as well to make colors stand out as brilliantly as they should.

There are many different lens options available, and each pair of shades from Maui Jim can be fitted with any style of lens you like. What are your treatment options?

  • Regular lenses – Basic, high-quality lenses.
  • Waterproof and oleophobic treatment – Repels water and helps reduce fingerprint smudges.
  • Anti-reflective treatment – Reduces glare to help avoid eye fatigue.
  • CLEARSHELL® scratch-resistant treatment – Adds durability.
  • PolarizedPlus®2 lenses – Protects from UV rays, blocks reflected light allowing you to see beneath the water’s surface, as seen above.
  • Bi-gradient mirror lenses – Mirror coating placed on the top and bottom of lenses do the “squinting” in the sun for you.
  • MauiGradient – Dark coating on the top of the lens that gradually allows light in towards the bottom.

Maui Jim sunglasses can be fitted with your prescription as well, so you’ll have the perfect pair of shades that are totally customized to your needs.

Feel free to explore our wide selection of styles from the Hawaiian brand over at and let us know which one’s your favorite!

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