Dare to Go Vintage With Oliver Goldsmith Butterfly Sunglasses

Our two favorite things, designer eyewear and fashion, have come together for photographer Javier Lovera, who recently shot model Nicki in a variety of amazing sunglasses. As we flipped through the stunning photos of perfectly round lenses and patterned specs, we spotted a pair of vintage Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses! Seen above paired with Lulu Frost jewelry and a Balmain leather top, Nicki mixes boho chic style with an edge, topping it off with the coolest pair of butterfly shades we’ve ever seen.

Oliver Goldsmith Butterfly sunglassesWhile the model is sporting the year’s favored emerald color, the above shades are the originals, with a black quartz frame and brown and rose lenses. The Butterfly is a prized member of Oliver Goldsmith’s vintage collection, which consists of 20 unique and eye-popping (pun intended) frames from the depths of the designer’s creative mind in years past, including the crazy TV Screens frame with antennas!

“I don’t believe in those theories about a certain style suiting a certain shape of face. Life is too short to worry about such things. if you find a shape you like, have it,” he said, in 1969.

If you’ve never seen the vintage archive, take a look, it’s worth every minute!


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