Bridal Shower at Tiffany’s With Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses

Breakfast at Tiffanys Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan sunglasses

We have a special place in our hearts for Audrey Hepburn at Vizio Optic, for all of the obvious reasons that we share with everyone else in the world, and because she has inspired so many to wear such chic and fashionable designer eyewear! As you know, Oliver Goldsmith designed the iconic frames she wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s – The Manhattan – and it has been a customer favorite for many years. And not just a favorite – for Kayla Klotz, they were the perfect accessory to complete her outfit for her very special Tiffany’s-themed bridal shower.

Bridal shower photos: Carey Shaw

Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses come in dark tortoiseshell (as seen above, which is the original color worn by Hepburn), black, and caramel split. Get yours here.

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