Boston Musician Wears Ray Ban Sunglasses in Vibe Magazine

Chas Bronz of Boston in Ray Ban 2140 wayfarer sunglasses from Vizio Optic

Photo: Vibe Magazine

An effortlessly cool look can be a difficult thing achieve; it requires a certain amount of confidence and, more importantly, the right accessories. Local musician Chas Bronz (full disclosure: he is the lucky man married to our store manager) knows how to easily pull this off, and it’s with a pair of designer sunglasses.

Bronz is wearing Ray Ban Wayfarer (RB2140) sunglasses in a limited edition style from the second Rare Prints collection, which features a metro map on the inner surface of the arms, an image that connects him to his urban surroundings in Boston and hometowns of Chicago and Milwaukee. He was recently profiled in Vibe Magazine as part of the new album “Dancing on the Charles,” featuring local talent in the Boston dance scene.

“I know that there is no secret pertaining to the music industry here in Boston. We are an extremely diverse city, and a strong and loving community,” he told the magazine.

Ray Ban sunglasses mimic the city with its diverse selection and strong community that loves its products. While the pattern on this frame is no longer in production, there are plenty of other looks to choose from in the latest special series  of rare prints, including patchwork and surf patterns. Check out the available collections below:

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