An Interview With Claire Goldsmith

Galina Rabkin of Vizio Optic and Claire Goldsmith of Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses

Galina with Claire Goldsmith at Silmo 2012

We know that the industry trades are of little interest to most people outside of our field, but we often find some enlightening articles in these magazine that we just can’t wait to share. Recently, Eyewear Magazine conducted an insightful interview with Claire Goldsmith, great-granddaughter of the man who brought Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses to the world in 1926, and she had some wonderful things to say about eyewear fashion.

A little background: The Oliver Goldsmith brand became hugely popular in the 1950s through the 1970s, with everyone from Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly to the Rolling Stones seen wearing a pair. Princess Diana even wore them on the cover of Tatler Magazine later on in 1990 (and rightfully so, the Goldsmiths were once outfitters of the Royal Family). Now under the reign of Claire Goldsmith, who revamped the company in 2006, they’re doing better than ever.

oliver goldsmith sunglasses

“A brand is really just a condensation of its values, quality guidelines and standards that are injected into the products. At least that’s how it should be,” Claire told the magazine. High quality is exactly what you’ll get with sunglasses from her family’s company. Each frame is handmade in London with the utmost care, not only to produce your frame but to create top-quality designs as well.

“The Goldsmiths have now been working for four generations to make sure that eyewear design will never get boring … [Today], the number of choices is overwhelming for customers and you have to work significantly harder to create something that stands out.”

Oliver Goldsmith Y-Not sunglasses in black

They certainly do stand out. Just ask Lady Gaga, who is one of the label’s biggest fans. She’s been spotted in numerous styles, most popularly Oliver Goldsmith Y-Not sunglasses in black. But even as a go-to designer for the more eccentrically dressed celebrities thanks to its range of unique silhouettes and colors, Claire feels the most strength in timeless options.

“I think that eyewear is very similar to fashion; there will always be extremes and less exciting things out there – but at the end of the day, classic shapes will remain unbeatable.”

For a look at the more classic styles from Oliver Goldsmith, check out Consul, Lord, Manhattan, Sophia and more at

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