What’s One Must-Have Winter Accessory?

Gearing up for winter sports? If you’re the type who likes to brave the elements during your seasonal endeavors then you should be equipped with the proper accessories, and that includes a pair of designer sunglasses that are crafted specifically for performance. Not only do you need to shield your eyes from the sun’s rays, but from snow, rain, and any other form of precipitation that can impair your vision, so it’s best to find a larger frame that wraps around your head and keeps your eyes safe from harm.

Maui Jim Nine Palms H255 sunglasses

Maui Jim Nine Palms H255 sunglasses are a good place to start. This unisex style is rectangular and wide enough to cover most of your eye area from top to bottom, with the wide arms protecting you further. Be safe in style in the above Root Beer shade, dark gray, or matte black – all embellished with the brand’s signature logo on the temples and etched in the corner of the HCL lenses.

Mosley Tribes Hensley sunglasses

You can find similar coverage with Mosley Tribes Hensley sunglasses – a more retro style in the Wayfarer family that has large lenses and wide arms. This simple frame’s only embellishment is the brand’s logo etched into the temples. Hensley is also equipped with polarized lenses for the utmost protection.

Polarized lenses are a must during winter outdoor activities. The sun doesn’t feel as strong, but the rays are almost double their usual strength when reflecting off of fresh snow. According to UVawareness.com, “fresh snow can reflect as much as 80% of UV radiation.”

Make it a point to stay safe this winter with a pair of protective designer sunglasses. You’ll be caring for your eye health and looking great all at the same time!

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