Why You Need Glasses (Even If You Don’t!)

Geek glasses

When you were young, the idea of wearing glasses brought one of two images in your mind: taped-up chunky frames that were the mark of nerds everywhere, or big coke-bottle lenses on your school librarian’s face attached to a long chain on each temple. Not so much anymore! These days, being a fabulous four-eyes is something to embrace, thanks to the vast selection of designer eyewear available today that help you look cool, sophisticated, and give off any vibe you want.

Etnia Barcelona eyeglasses

Frames in funky colors are a great way to accessorize an outfit!

Which category do you place eyewear in? Accessories! No longer just a “medical device,” designers like CHANEL, Face a Face, LINDBERG, and many more have brought eyewear to the forefront of fashion with their creative designs and wide range of colors, patterns, and styles. Whether you need prescription lenses, reading glasses, or just want to change your look with a pair of specs, there is certainly something to fit your needs.


Did you know that in Tokyo and Hong Kong, designer eyewear has become such must-have item that fashionistas have been wearing glasses with no lenses? That’s right! And the trend is spreading all over the world. Colorful rims are such a coveted item that those who don’t even need glasses want to wear them, popping out the lenses and enjoying the same beautiful looks that the rest of us glasses-wearers enjoy. They even have multiple pairs so they can match a great frame with every outfit.

Have you ever gotten dressed only to look in the mirror and think “something’s missing…”? Even if you have perfect vision, designer glasses could be the perfect way to complete your outfit. Find a pair in a complementary color to bring your whole look together, no lenses necessary. If you’d rather have some protection over your eyes, ask your optician about demo lenses, which are the clear samples that come with the glasses you try on in a store.


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  1. Angelina Parker

    Yes! I too agree with you that no longer we hesitate wearing specs. Today, we have so many choices to select from. Last week I visited a showroom from where I bought a sunglass. I was stunned by the range of sunglasses and designer eyewears on stand.


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