Why Niche Eyewear is the Best Eyewear

Let’s face it, designer eyewear can be pretty pricey. When making such an investment, you expect a high-quality product crafted with care that will last for many years, but there are many eyewear brands out there that are not focused on meeting these expectations. Big fashion labels like Gucci and Prada may make some attractive sunglasses, but they’re just another notch on their alligator-skin belts when it comes to accessory lines. This isn’t to say their frames aren’t equally as beautiful and coveted as their handbags and shoes, but we want to highlight some brands that are 100% devoted to making the best-quality specs and shades and nothing else!

Alain Mikli handcrafted eyewear

At Vizio Optic, most of the designers we carry are niche brands. That is, their output is eyewear only; there is absolutely nothing else to worry about, so all their love and attention goes towards making waves in the industry with their superb innovations, creative designs, colorful options and unique shapes. Alain Mikli, for example, still crafts his  glasses by hand, layering color petals with mother of pearl for one of his signature eyewear patterns.

Other handcrafted frames come from Beausoleil, Face a Face, J.F. Rey, Kamuro, Kata, LINDBERG, MYKITA, Oliver Goldsmith, Persol, Pierre, Robert Marc,Vue dc and more – so a very large portion of our eyewear selection! Mass production is not an option for many, Persol’s labor-intensive process can take up to eight days for one frame. Knowing that kind of attention to detail is going into your designer glasses, it makes for a much more cherished accessory, especially in cases like Alain Mikli’s layered pattern, where the finished look can differ from one frame to the next leaving you with a truly exclusive and unique design.

What’s your favorite niche eyewear brand? Let us know in the comments!

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