What to Buy Your Love for Valentine’s Day

Attention lovers! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you’ll be needing the perfect gift for that special person in your life. We have hundreds of beautiful designer glasses to choose from, and feel free to use our Frame Yourself guide to help select the right frame for your partner. But that can’t be all!

Once you’ve read our guide on how to buy eyeglasses online, it’s on to the accessories. Here are two things we think she’ll love this Valentine’s Day:

Valentine's Day microfiber cloth eyeglasses accessory

This special microfiber cloth comes in pink with white and red heart details. The material is super soft so she can clean her designer glasses without scratching the lenses. Many people think that a towel or a shirt will do to wipe off the lenses, but these fabrics can be slightly abrasive and while you may not see any scratches initially, these little marks can build over time and ruin the surface. Microfiber is ultra soft so lenses can be cleaned without causing any damage.

La LOOP heart necklace

La LOOP eyewear accessories are always a good choice as well, especially this glasses necklace in silver that features little heart-shaped charms throughout the chain. This piece of jewelry is a two-in-one gift – she can hang her glasses on the loop when she’s not wearing them so she never has to worry about misplacing her frames, and it acts as a beautiful necklace and statement accessory when she does have on her frames.

What’s the one gift that never disappoints? A Vizio Optic gift card! If you’re not sure what your special someone will be happy with this Valentine’s Day, give her the gift of choice, available in multiple denominations on our e-gift certificate page.

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