Personal Engraving By LINDBERG Eyewear

In this day and age, mass production allows a huge amount of people to have the same products. From pens to handbags to iPads and more, millions of people have these items, but what’s missing is the feeling that these items are special. When so many others have the exact same thing, you have to find a way to make yours your very own. When it comes to designer eyewear, personalization can come in the form of engraving!

LINDBERG eyewear is an extremely customizable brand, with a famous collection of rimless eyeglasses that are available in hundreds of different color, shape, and pattern combinations. One of its lesser-known options is personal engraving on the temples. You can have your name written on the inner arms, or anything else that you like would like engraved, just as you can with pens and iPads.

While LINDBERG glasses are handcrafted with the utmost care and not mass produced, the idea remains the same. Many people wear designer glasses, but not all of them have personal engraving, which makes your frames special and exclusive. LINDBERG offers this service to further customize a unique pair of eyeglasses specially for YOU.

Engraved eyewear makes an excellent gift for a loved one as well. It is also convenient for children, who are more susceptible to losing their frames. If their names are engraved on the temples, you’ll have a much better chance of having them returned.

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