NEW ARRIVALS: Lafont Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

Hopefully, by now you’ve done most of your holiday shopping, but have you treated yourself just yet? Just in time for you to indulge in a special wintertime treat, we have added more than 100 new styles of Lafont eyeglasses and sunglasses. From bold and funky designs to simple and classic, the Parisian brand has plenty for you to explore and to add to your collection of awesome accessories. Here are our favorites:

Lafont Gaufrette eyeglasses

With a narrow, teardrop-shaped silhouette, Lafont Gaufrette eyeglasses are like nothing you’ve seen before, with a purple top rim and arms featuring a beautiful laser-cut design, accented by a patterned red bottom. This frame lets you show off your appreciation for a creative work of art.

 Lafont Idylle eyeglasses

Lafont Idylle glasses stray away from the laser-cut patterns in favor of a shimmering light blue design that accents the navy-colored frame. Oval lenses are set within a uniquely cut frame, with voluptuous arms that add a bit of contrast to the structured front corners.

Lafont Imperiale eyeglasses

Further emphasizing the brand’s creativity are Lafont Imperiale eyeglasses, a style that may have a classic front silhouette, but is made all its own with a beautiful red, intricately weaved design dotted with silver accents throughout. A black and red polka dot pattern colors the inner arms for an added bit of eccentricity.

Lafont Grant eyeglasses

For the minimalist glasses lover in you, there’s Lafont Grant eyeglasses, proving not all frames have to be bold and bright. This particular style is classic with its round lenses and thin frame, made perfectly Lafont with its pretty blue color. Two silver dots accent each corner for a little touch of elegance.

Lafont Hellebore sunglasses

Last, but certainly not least, are Lafont Hellebore sunglasses – the coolest sunglasses you’ll see all day. Oversized and retro-fied, Hellebore boasts a funky red and white polka dot pattern throughout its curvy frame, matched with gray gradient lenses that keep this funky frame from being too overwhelming.

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