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From putting a modern twist on vintage looks to using the latest technology in the designer eyewear industry, we’re all about innovation, which is why we’ve expanded our collection of ic! berlin eyewear to include 12 new styles of eyeglasses and sunglasses, all of which are made with the unique screw-less hinge that makes the German brand a leader in today’s fashion.

ic berlin 2013 sunglasses

Both collections feature a spring-hinge design, which uses interlocking pieces to create a flexible and durable frame. Accidentally sit on them? Drop them on the ground? The arms are made to snap on and off, so any accidental harsh treatment that would otherwise break off of a screw hinge would simply snap it off, allowing you to snap it right back on for easy repairs.

ic berlin 2013 eyeglasses

Notice Black Hole, the frame we spotted on Catherine Zeta Jones last month in her film Side Effects. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about this one, it’s been very popular at Vizio Optic! All frames are available in multiple colors. Edelweiss is a bit of a departure from ic! berlin’s normal collection because of its patterned arms, which provide a nice contrast to the solid black frame. Acetate styles like Black Hole, and Klavierspieler Klaus feature a titanium metal base that provides superb flexibility as mentioned above, with an acetate rim mounted on the front. The metal frame adds strength to these styles.

These styles will be available on in the near future. For more information on how to purchase ic! berlin glasses and sunglasses NOW, please email

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