Monday Morning With Henrik Lindberg

LINDBERG 2147 eyeglasses

Happy Monday! We know it’s not your favorite day of the week, so let’s start it off with a little something that make us feel warm and fuzzy. Today, it’s an insightful Eyewear Magazine interview with Henrik Lindberg of LINDBERG eyewear, owner of the Danish brand that has been successfully creating some of the most innovative glasses in the world for nearly three decades. The company is his life and his family, and it’s wonderful to see the success of a brand that’s doing everything themselves – from design and production to marketing and distribution.

Available in more than 100 countries, LINDBERG eyeglasses are known for their light weight, flexibility, customization options, and the fact that they have never used a single screw in the production of their frames. The brand’s characteristic design element of functionality has earned itself the title of “the Apple of the eyewear industry” by a competitor.

“I’d say I spend 24 hours every day with design,” Mr. Lindberg told the magazine. “To me, design is not only about creating a certain style of eyewear. Design is also about how you run a company. Everything has to work together somehow … everything is design in a way.”

The owner is proud to provide a great work-life balance for his company, only allowing overtime on business trips, as well as a collaborative atmosphere where everyone feels equally as important. This positive work environment (one that we also enjoy at Vizio Optic!) lends itself to smooth operations, in which frames are often constructed and customized within a week’s time. When asked of his company’s achievements in its 28-year existence, Mr. Lindberg referenced important milestones such as creating the “first-ever titanium glasses” (the Air Titanium collection) and its constant cultivation of close relationships with customers and opticians. But what really separates LINDBERG from the pack is its unique collections and ability to offer just about anything its customers want.

“We can claim that we are constantly implementing our very own design ideas and techniques. That is very important to us. We are also able to still supply spare parts for glasses that have not been a part of our range for years now.”

Customization options are a huge draw for the company, as each pair can be fitted to the wearer’s unique measurements for the bridge and arms, the preference for lens shape (and size, for rimless glasses), and the frame’s color combinations or patterns. With LINDBERG glasses, the finished product is often the creation of the customer, and the exclusive and unique pair of glasses is a prized possession. We know how excited our friends at Vizio Optic get when their perfectly personalized frames arrive, something no one else on the planet can say they own.

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